Yaldā Advent Calendar 2012 – Day 3 – A Gift of Kobo



Today I have something on offer for my oft-neglected KOBO audience: “The Shadow of Black Wings” is FREE for Kobo users, for  a whole week, starting today!


And you don’t even need to have a Kobo e-reader – just grab an Android or iOS Kobo App, and you can download my books! And since they are DRM-free, you can then read them on any device capable of reading epubs.

The Shadow of Black Wings
(The Year of the Dragon #1)

Top 10 Bestseller in Alternate History Amazon US

Genre: Historical Fantasy
ebook ISBN: 978-83-935529-0-0 ASIN: B008FS5RPC
Published: June 2012 by Flying Squid
paperback ISBN-13 978-83-935529-1-7
ISBN-10: 8393552915
Published: July 2012 by Flying Squid

It is the sixteenth year of Queen Victoria’s enlightened rule and the world trembles before the might of her ironclad navy and the dreaded Dragon Corps. The largest ship ever built sails from the Brigstow Harbour on a journey to the mysterious lands of Orient. Its load – a regiment of the Royal Marines and one Bran ap Dylan – freshly graduate in Dracology at the Llambed Academy of Mystic Arts.

In the empire of Yamato, sealed from the rest of the world for the last two centuries, a wizard’s daughter Sato witnesses her father joining an anti-government conspiracy. Her friend Nagomi, training to be a priestess, is haunted by dark visions that she must keep secret. Neither of them is aware that a change is coming to Yamato… on the wings of a dragon.

A detailed and fast-paced historical fantasy based around the turbulent opening of Japan to the West in the middle of the 19th century, “The Shadow of the Black Wings” is the first volume in “The Year of the Dragon” saga.

Available at: Amazon US |Amazon UK | Amazon DE | Amazon IT | Amazon FR | Amazon ES | Amazon JP And: Kobo | Kobo 楽天 Paperback available at: Amazon US | Amazon UK | ペーパーバック | Barnes&Nnoble Junglee.com

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