90 sites to advertise your book


As far as I’m aware, this is the most comprehensive list of book promo sites anywhere on the internet. The list was compiled from various online sources, most notably – Rachelle’s Window (go there and thank her! 🙂 she also lists Alexa rankings for the sites) and my own research. As of updating this on April 17th 2016, all the links below are working. Note that I can’t guarantee that the sites themselves are still working, that the forms lead anywhere, or that you will actually get anything for your money.

Majority of these sites advertise books when they’re free, as part of KDP Select or Smashword promo. If you want to promote a paid book, you usually need to pay extra.

Don’t forget you can also promote your tweets and Facebook posts on Twitter and Facebook, though that is known to be not very effective unless you know what you’re doing.

Also, make sure to follow Lindsay Buroker’s blog, as she always has the most up-to-date notes on what works and what doesn’t in advertising.

If you think I’m missing something, let me know in the comments.

As always, you can express your gratitude by purchasing one of my books 🙂

URL Free Ad Paid Ad Comments
100 Free Books $75-100 $75-100
Amazon KDP Advertising CPC min $100 CPC min $100 Amazon’s own marketing
Armadillo eBooks Guaranteed Guaranteed $25 boost available
Addicted to eBooks Guaranteed registration required
Ask David  $15 one-time “promotion pack”
Author Marketing Club Membership + listing
Awesome Gang Guaranteed $10
Bargain eBook Hunter – now Hot Zippy Guaranteed
Best Indie Books $8-$30, free to premium members Requires registration
Book Butterfly free option also available various options, $50+  (reportedly not working, see comments)
Book Deals Daily $5 $5+
Bookpinning Guaranteed “Pinterest for Books”
Book Daily Membership + samples
Book Goodies Guaranteed
Book Goodies $5
Book Goodies $25
Book Goodies For Kids Guaranteed Children only
Book Matchers Listing + search service
Book Tweeting Service (now Tweet Your Books $59+
BookBrowse $2-7 pm
BookBub Various options. $60+ probably most effective right now. Novels only.
BookGorilla $40+ May also post deals from other sites
BookSlut $175-$450
Daily Free Books Guaranteed $7.5
Digital Book Today Not guaranteed 4 stars minimum
Digital Book Today Various options, $15+
eBookSoda $15 Flat Fee
eBooksForFree $12
eBook Daily Deals Guaranteed
eBookLister Not Guaranteed Not Guaranteed
Eat Sleep Write Book plugs from $50+
eBook Impresario $20+
eBooks Habit Guaranteed
eBooks Habit $10
eFiction Finds Guaranteed $5+
eReader Girl Guaranteed $20
eReaderIQ various options, $25-$180 BookBub model, claim 150,000 subscribers
eReader Cafe Guaranteed
English Books XTME $9-$30 No longer guaranteed. For Amazon.de
EReader News Today Not guaranteed Various options Very limited selection, 4 stars minimum
Fiverr $5 per service individual people advertising your book
Flurries of Words $4+
Free Books Hub $10+
Free Books Guaranteed
Free eBooks untested
Free eBook Dude Guaranteed
Free Kindle Books&Tips Not guaranteed,$25 $30+ 4 stars minimum
EReaderUtopia (Free Kindle Fiction) Not guaranteed Needs registration
Free Kindle Giveaway $10+
Freebooksy Not guaranteed $50
Frugal eReader Tweet package $15+
Frugal eReader $50+
Frugal Freebies $3-$8
Fussy Librarian Guaranteed
Get Free Books Not guaranteed
Good Kindles $10-$20
Goodreads custom budget largely ineffective
Hot Zippy Not guaranteed $15 own several other websites
Humanmade Guaranteed Boost your listing – prices vary
iAuthor UK £0.6 per click
Ignite Your Boook Guaranteed
iLove Ebooks various options, $25-$300
iLike Ebooks $0.99-$9.99
Indie Author Anonymous $5 $10-$20
Indie Book of the Day Not Guaranteed
Indie Book Promo Guaranteed Four options, $25+ or small options, $8+
Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday, 99c Thursday
International Book Promotion $30 a month social media burst One-off promotional events
Jungle Deals Guaranteed
Just Contemporary Romance Romance only various options, $10+
Kindle Book Promo Guaranteed
Kindle Book Promos Various options
Kindle Book Review Not guaranteed $5+
Kindle Mojo Not guaranteed $25+
Kindle Nation Daily Guaranteed
Kindle Nation Daily Various options, $100+ number of options, effectiveness reduced lately
Kindle Romance Review various options, $25+ Romance only
KUF Ads various options, $7.50+ several websites, incl. DailyFreeBooks
Kindleboards various options, $35+
Lendle various options, $35+
Lovely Books KDP Guaranteed, Permafree $7.99
Many Books $25
My Book and My Coffee Guaranteed On Hiatus
My Book Buzzing Guaranteed Requires registration
New Free Kindle Books Free only $5
Pixel of Ink Not guaranteed Very limited selection
Pixel Scroll – NOW HOTZIPPY $5+
Reading Deals Not Guaranteed $15
Reddit Guaranteed On the day. Must have account.
Robin Reads $25
Snicks List Guaranteed On the day
Writerful Books Free Manuscript assessment and reviews
YA Book Promo Central Same as Indie Book Promo YA only

101 thoughts on “90 sites to advertise your book

  1. Hi, I would like to recommend my site http:\\www.booksliced.com it is great for sending you a daily newsletter of free Amazon ebooks or creating custom alerts. Authors can send their book submissions for free. Thank you.

  2. Here is an interesting new approach to ebook promotion I would like to share. We list your book on content rich pages and share it through our large and constantly growing social media following.

    It is super simply to submit an ebook and always free:


    Think of it as Pay-Per-Click advertising without having to pay per each click!

    Your Ebook does not have to be free, and once we list it, it stays live on our pages for as long as the Ebook is available for download.

  3. Hi James,

    Thank you for creating your list of promotion sites. We’d really appreciate it if you’d add our site to your lists of useful resources.

    We’re Books Butterfly and we do $0.99 book and free book promotions to our email lists of 125,000+ email subscribers. We have 128,888+ daily active readers across all our sites and blogs and lists.

    Our Page for Paid Book Promotions

    Our Page for Free Book Promotions http://www.booksbutterfly.com/order/?tag=op250_free_lists_3_jamescalbraith

    Books Butterfly
    Where we promote: http://www.booksbutterfly.com/order/wherepromote/

    • I tried using Booksbutterfly, and several authors are reporting that their ads did not run, and that we cannot get in contact with Booksbutterfly through the form or email address listed. If you use this service make sure your ad runs, and be prepared to learn about Paypal disputes and claims should you need to get in touch with the service.

      This is what I sent the email address provided: I have the payment receipt for my Booksbutterfly advertisement, however, I do not have confirmation that the advertisement was posted. I also sent this email as a reply to my payment and filed out the form on your website in order to reach you. I am following up to see if my ad ran two days ago, as the requested day was on December 4th. Please send further instructions if there is a step that I did not complete on my end. I heard about Booksbutterfly from other authors and am excited to use the service. Thank you!

      I also contacted through the form and on facebook. Good luck, everyone.

  4. At http://www.humanmade.net authors, writers and poets can have a dedicated profile page showing their biography and summary of their books, also, each book will have a dedicated page with commenting, rating and sharing capabilities for FREE. If authors want to have a boosted listing, they can enroll in Boost-Your_listing (BYL) and get a special ad that will be displayed across the website based on genre type or other criteria for a minimal fee.

  5. Ask David is not free. They have you go through everything letting you believe it is free and then after you hit submit they want you to buy a supporting package before it will be promoted. It is false advertising and very misleading.

  6. I have a site I would like you to consider adding to your list of book promo sites.

    My site is http://bivric.com

    BIVRIC is a site that features and promotes self published authors via interviews and book blurbs, I also post articles on marketing self published books. No fees required. I accept any genre and prefer full length books, not novellas or how to books less than 100 pages.

    Feel free to point self published authors my way if they would like to be interviewed.

  7. Great list! Would you consider adding internationalbookpromotion.com ? We offer services as well as FREE publicity. We also welcome guest posts

  8. Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
    I am ALWAYS hunting up new places to advertise my latest releases.

    How about you?

    Check out James Calbraith’s VERY comprehensive list of websites where you can advertise your next e-book release!

    Good luck and sell a bunch!
    yours in storytelling,
    Steve Vernon

  9. Reblogged this on Wo3lfMad and commented:
    For those of you who are wondering about sites to advertise your books, author James Calbraith compiled a list of 90 sites you can use. Some are paid, some are unpaid. A lot of them are useful when you’re having a giveaway as they only promote free books. If you have a new book coming out and you want to get new eyeballs on your name and work, use one of your previous books as a temporary (or permanent) loss-leader. A lot of these sites will come in handy for this.

    So, if you have wondered about promoting your book, this list should be able to guide you. As far as I am aware, it is the most comprehensive list out there. I could be wrong, of course, but if I am, someone can correct me.

    At the very least it’ll provide you with options. It’s good to have options.

  10. Thanks for the time you took to compile this list. It is appreciated. I will make sure to give thanks to Rachelle as well. All the best with your writing endeavors.

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