Finnis Britanniae


Top 30 Bestseller in Historical Fiction on Amazon UK

1. The Saxon Spears

Thirty years have passed since Britannia voted to throw off the Roman yoke. Now, the old world crumbles.

Pirates roam the seas, bandits threaten the highways, and barbarian refugees land at Britannia’s shores, uninvited. The rich profit from the chaos, while the poor suffer. A new Dark Age is approaching – but all is not lost.

Ash is a Seaborn, a Saxon child found on the beach with nothing but a precious stone at his neck and a memory of a distant war from which his people have fled. Raised on the estate of a Briton nobleman, trained in warfare and ancient knowledge, he soon becomes embroiled in the machinations and intrigues at the court of Wortigern, the Dux of Londinium, a struggle that is about to determine the future of all Britannia.

A child of Saxon blood, an heir to Roman family, his is a destiny like no other: to join the two races and forge a new world from the ruins of the old.

2. The Saxon Knives

Two years after the victory at Saffron Valley, a new menace threatens Dux Wortigern’s domain: the Picts are raiding the coast, razing the cities and looting the churches and villas of the southern provinces. Ash, now a Councillor at Wortigern’s court, joins a Iute war band dispatched to deal with the invaders – but the real threat to Londin’s safety and Wortigern’s rule may be coming from within the Council itself…

3. The Saxon Might

All is lost. The Gods decided to reward Wortimer and punish Ash, and the future of Britannia is hanging in the balance.

In the darkness of a prison cell, through pain of torture, Ash tries to remember how everything has gone so terribly wrong. Wortimer defeated his father and conquered Londin. He took Rhedwyn into his chamber, and threw Ash into the deepest dungeon. His armies are rampaging throughout the province, killing Iutes and Saxons wherever they can find them. It seems nothing and nobody can stop the new Dux of Britons from fulfiling his mission to destroying the Iutes and cast all barbarians out of the island forever.



1. The Blood of Iutes