Soundtrack Playlist

“The Shadow of Black Wings” Official Soundtrack, by Various Artists.

1. Overture: The Empire and the Mechanician (And I Will Kiss, Underworld) 17:15

2. Aerobatics Exam (Test Drive, John Powell) 2:36

3. Men of Llambed (Men of Harlech2:54

4. The Bard in the Tavern (Three Welsh Airs, Susan Scott) 4:59

5. Farmer’s Fancy (Ffansi Ffarmwr, Dy Werin) 3:30

6. Dylan’s Theme (Soldier’an Sailor Too, Massed Bands of HM Royal Marines) 3:04

7. A Gwynedd Summer (Helfa’r Marchogion, Crasdant) 4:20

8. The Memory of Temasek (Singapore, Hans Zimmer) 3:41

9. The Ocean’s Call (Theme de David, Vladimir Cosma) 2:25

10. The Ironclads and Factory Smoke (Industrial Revolution, Jean Michel-Jarre) 4:39

11. Brigstow Harbour (Smith of Bristol, The Dubliners) 2:30

12. Farewell to Langyfelach (Ffarwel i Langyfelach Lon, Meredydd Evans) 2:02

13. The Greatest Ship Ever Built (A Life on the Ocean Wave, The Band of HM Royal Marines) 1:05

14. Tinubu’s Tricks (Nigeria Tribal Rhythms and Percussion, Djembe and Dungu Folk) 3:42

15. Vasconian Outpost (Instrumental I, Ekvat) 1:30

16. Bran’s Birthday Jig (Two Hornpipes – Tortuga, Hans Zimmer) 1:14

17. Fragrant Harbour (Fragrant Harbour, The Band of Royal Hong Kong Police) 2:20

18. Fan Yu, the Great Harbour! (Fishermen on the East China Sea, Zhu Xiaomeng) 5:08

19. The Songs of the Boat People (Fishing Junks at Sunset, Jean-Michel Jarre) 6:02

20. What Are Your Orders, Arian? (Wheel of Fortune, Hans Zimmer) 6:46

21. Another Land (Entrance Music for Traditional Rakugo Entertainer) 0:53

22. Nansei Summer (Asadoya Yunta of Okinawa, Group from Okinawa) 2:07

23. The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea (from Pacific Overtures) 5:51

24. Sato’s Theme (Shinsengumi Main Theme, Kyoto Piano Ensemble) 3:42 – couldn’t find the original 

25. Suwa Shrine (Heron’s Dance, Male Shinto Choir) 1:57

26. Nagomi’s Dance (Shrine Maiden’s Dance, Shinto Instrument Ensemble) 3:15

27. Ei!Ei!Ie – Toh! (Kendo Drumming) 0:21

28. The Bathhouse (The song of Bathing in the Hot Spring, Group from Iwai) 3:29

29. Snow in Kiyo (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Ryuichi Sakamoto) 4:45

30. Shuhan’s Lullaby (Edo Komoriuta, Takashi Yujiro) 1:13

31. Light in the Sky (Blade Runner End Titles, Vangelis) 4:39

32. Night Escapade/Streets of Kiyo (Yojimbo Title, Masaru Satoh) 3:01

33. The Dark Clouds Gather (Seven Samurai Theme, Fumio Hayasaka) 1:24

34. Master Tanaka’s Machines (Gohatto, Ryuichi Sakamoto) 2:02

35. The Best Castella in the City (Bastiana, Coral Dinamene) 1:37

36. The Crimson Robe Theme (Demon God II, Joe Hisaishi) 0:57

37. Take me to Suwa (Battles, Clannad) 1:01

38. Epilogue – the Scent of Wisteria (Kagemusha, Shinichiro Ikebe) 4:04

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