(note on chronology: all dates counted since the founding of Rome, 753 BC of our reckoning)

0 a.u.c. – Founding of Rome
704 – Gnaeus Pompeius destroys Julius Caesar at Dyrrhachium. Rome’s expansion turns eastward. The Northern Gauls rebel and throw off the Roman yolk.
796 – First Roman Invasion in Prydain (Claudian)
814 – Battle of Watling Street. Romans defeated by Boudicca. Suetonius’s army dispersed by the Derwydd of Mona.
859 – Imperator Traian defeats Dacian dragon riders with aid of a Great Dragon Ladon discovered under Mount Etna
870 – Second Roman Invasion in Prydain (Hadrian). The Ninth Legion discovers the Brycheiniog Gate and is transported to the land of Faer Folk. The invasion is halted at Solway Firth
910-916 – Brigantes rebellion in northern Britain, Romans retreat south of Trent (Britannia Cistrisantona)
950 – Battle of Lugdunum. Septimius Severus conquers northern Gaul and crosses the Channel. Third Roman Invasion in Prydain (Severian)
995 – Shapur I converts to Manichaeism
1000 – Imperator Philip celebrates the first Millenium
ca. 1000 – The Horse Lords arrive in the North, bringing Steppe Dragons with them. The dragons soon go feral in the foreign land.
1027 – Imperator Aurelian makes Sol Invictus and Mithras official cult of the Imperium.
1083 – Imperator Constantine builds Constantinople as the second capital of the Imperium.
1115 – Julian reorganizes state religion in a neoplatonic manner
1117 – Julian captures Ctezifon and the ideas of Mani spread throughout the east of Imperium
ca. 1130 – Feral Steppe Dragons start appearing across the Rhine and Danube
1134 – In theological conflict with Mani, Mithraic priests forge monotheistic cult of Sol and its son, the Bull-Slayer. Constantinople Creed is written. Most other Gods are delegated to serving as Aspects of the Sun God or demons to be defeated.
1158-1198 – A religious civil war erupts throughout the Imperium, between traditionalist Mithraists (mostly in the West) and Manicheans (mostly in the East)
1159 – The Crossing of the Rhine. With the Imperium weakened by war, a flock of Steppe Dragons crosses the Rhine and ravages the land. Abandoned by the Imperium, Armorican druids defend their land. The Armorican Kingdom established. Hispania and Mauretania are cut off from the Imperium as dragons settle in Pyrenees and along the coast. Local warlords take over the rule of many provinces.
1160 – Western legions abandon Prydain to face the growing threat of the dragons.
1198 – I War of Imperiums ends in face of the dragon threat
1193-1333 – Arthur the Faer rules in Britain
1202 – The Seaxe land in Dracaland and push the Prydain under Arthur westwards
1204 – Battle of Catalaunian Fields. Armorican, Roman and Midgard armies defeat several Great Dragons
1218 – Red Dragon discovered under Dinas Emrys
1204-1244 – The Great Cull. All dragons within the Imperium are destroyed.
1210-1244 – Imperator Majorian reconquers most of Southern Gaul, Hispania and Mauretania from the local warlords, his reforms strengthen the Imperium
1217-1239 – Regnum Suessoni in Northern Gaul
1239 – Regnum Suessoni unites with Armorica. Battle of Suessoni – the Gallic allies with help of Arthur defeat invading king Clovis of Franks
1243 – Battle of Mount Badon, Red Dragon of Britons defeats the White Dragon of Saxons.
1243-1253 – Arthur conquers Eriu and Picts, becomes the High King of All Islands
1244-1269 – Imperator Gundobad focuses on pushing the dragons out of southern Gaul
1250-1450 – Age of Unbridled Flame
1269-1271 – Sack of Rome. While the legions fight along the Rhine, Midgardians cross the Alps and invade Italy. Imperator Gundobad dies in retreat.
1271-1279 – Imperator Justin I moves the court permanently to Constantinople
1294 – A plague erupts in the North, devastating the Barbarians
1318 – Imperator Justinian recaptures most of the West in a series of long and bloody wars
1327-1331 – Lucius Tiberius fights against Frollo of Armorica over Alpine passes and access to southern Gaul
1331-1335- Imperator Lucius Tiberius
1328 – Beowulf kills and is killed by a dragon, grants his kingdom to Arthur. With help of Geats Arthur conquers the home land of the Varyaga. Their chieftains move east to establish cities along the trade route to Constantinople.
1329 – Arthur defeats Frollo of Armorica and conquers his kingdom. Prydain settlers move into Armorica, calling the land Breizh. Their capital is Ker Ys.
1335 – Imperator Lucius Tiberius defeated by Arthur. For two years, Rome is under Arthur’s rule.
1337 – The gates to Faerie Kingdom collapse. Arthur converts to Mithraism before he is poisoned by Mordred the Heathen. He is buried at Ynys Enlli. His Empire crumbles as the energies from the shattering gates awake the dragons once again. The Dragon Age begins.
1340-1453 – Rome manages to keep most of its possessions south of Alps-Danube line, but the rest of Europe falls under the shadow of the Dragon Age. Mithraic religion spreads beyond the borders of the Empire as men flee to stone caves of mithraeas to hide from dragons. All local Gods are turned into demons to be defeated by the Bull-Slayer. The faithful become dominated by clergy hierarchy based in Rome.
1369 – With death of Constantine, the Prydain kingdom splits. The title of the king falls to the ruling house in Gwynedd.
1375 – A prophet in Central Persia revives the ancient cult of Azi Dahaka, Great Dragon. Azian Dragon Riders sweep through the Persia and northern Africa.
1392 – Rome loses Egypt to the Azi
1403 – The Utigurs invade Dacia and Thracia, earlier ravaged by dragons
1405 – Rome loses Carthage to the Azi
1438 – Battle of Dun Nechtain halts the Seaxe advance north.
1400-2000 Age of Azian domination. Azian magi bring Elemental Wizardry and Thaumaturgy to southern Europe.
Wars in Iberia, Sicilia, southern Gaul, Balkans. Vasconians defeat Azians with help of their mountain dragons.
Universities teaching Mystic Arts sprout in Italia and Breizh.
The organized Mithraic church in Rome sees it as heresy and attempt to disrupt the Empire from within.
1500-1550 Offa’s Dyke is built as eternal boundary between Seaxe and Prydain.
1521 – Karl crowned King of Midgard
1543 – Karl conquers most of northern and eastern Europe, except Breizh
1561 – Karl enters Rome, marries empress Irene and crowns himself Imperator. Midgard part of the Imperium
1581 – Rome extends back into Pannonia, and further towards Bohemia
1597 – Rhodri Mawr reunites Prydain west of the Dyke.
1615 – Rodrig conquers Eastern Slavs establishing Khaganat of Varyaga, soon spreading from Sapmi in the north, through Nygard to Koenugard in the south.
1681 – With death of Ludovicus, Midgard and Breizh split from Rome. War of Four Kings (Midgard, Breizh,Rome and Constantinople)
1650-1700 – Kabar invasions. The Kabars are confined to the eastern part of Pannonia plain
1681-1778 – Rome under Macedonians expands northwards across Carpathian Mountains. Mesco of Polania becomes a loyal vassal.
1750 – Norsemen colonize Helluland, Markland and Vinland
1768 – Imperator Basil II. Vanquishes the Utigurs and regains control over Thracia and Dacia. Fights with the Khaganat of Varyaga over Red Ruthenia. Imperium Romanum at its greatest extent since Constantin. Basil moves the capital back to Rome.
1774 – Boleslaus of Polania elected King of Midgard
1788 – Maslav defeats Rome-supported armies of Lambert and establishes a Pagan kingdom of Venedia, uniting Slavs and Prussians living around Baltic Sea. After this defeat, duchy of Polania is mostly incorporated into Midgard Empire.
1796 – Maslav’s daughter marries Harthacnut’s son and allies with vikings of Jomsborg against Niflheimr. Their alliance expands west of Oder.
1819 – Harold Hardrada, king of Niflheimr and Venedia, invades the Seaxe Dracaland.
1820-1830- Bleddyn ap Cynfyn fights the Norsemen
1843 – Raymond of Burgundy brings Fafnir’s Breed to Galicia, establishing duchy of Lusitania
1850-2150 – Arab Wars. Several campaigns in which Rome fights for the corridor along the Red Sea, to connect the Empire with the rich trade ports of Axum and entrance to Indian Ocean. Several principalities established along the Red Sea.
1889 – Owain the Wyrmslayer destroys the Norse Dragons at Crug Mawr. The Seaxe cast off Norse rule. The Brezhon soon follow suit. The Norse nobles, however, continue to have influence in the Dracaland.
Venedia elects a prince of Pomeranian family as its chieftain.
1895 – The School of Dragonslaying established near Llambed
1923 – Madoc ab Owain sails to the New World and establishes a Prydain colony of Tyr Gorllewin, south of Vinland. The colonists then mix with the locals and their dragons go feral.
1984 – Mysterious Inquisition rampages throughout the Imperium. Wizards flee Iberia, Provincia and Italia to the north and into Azian lands
2000 – Rome celebrates the Second Millenium.
2004 – The Horse Lords invade Varyaga and Pannonia, but are repelled at a great cost.
2000-2100 Wizards fleeing from persecution into Vasconia invent and develop Weather Magic
2011 – Eadmund III’s attempts to bring continental style of rule results in the rebellion of his earls.
2017 – Battle of Lewes. Llywelyn II unites with Norse-Saxon earl Alexander Stronghill against king Eadmund III, last of the Wessex line. Eadmund III dies in battle. Alexander establishes the dynasty of Stronghills on Lundenburgh throne. His daughter marries Llywellyn. Eadweard flees to his northern domain of Lancaster.
2017 – 2214 – Kings of the Seaxe elected by Witan parliament
2036 – Llywelyn II defeats Eadweard the Last’s dragons at Moel-y-Don and Conwy
2045 – The Llambed College starts to teach Applied Dracology instead of Dragonslaying
2048 – Short civil war between Henry II (who ascended to Gwynedd throne based on Llywelyn’s will) and Madog ap Llywelyn
2049 – Gwenlian I ascends to throne. First union of Gwynedd and Drakelands.
2049-2137 – Pictish Wars: Lancastrians intervene in succession dispute in Alba and battle for supremacy of north with Picts. Without dragons, eventually they and their lands (from Cumbria to York) fall under Alba control.
2073 – Vasconian sailors start the Age of Discovery by sailing to Tyr Gorllewin (Cantref Madoc) and Vinland
2137 – House Lancaster and Kings of Alba unite into one family, as Robert, son of Eadweard Lancaster and Marjorie Mar, conquers all Dracaland north of Humber.
2150 – Kalmar Union. Niflheimr and Midgard thrones united, in spite of pretensions to the Niflheimr throne by the kings of Alba.
2152 – The southern Dracaland kingdom is divided upon death of Llywelyn son of Gwenlian. Gwynedd remains with house Aberffraw (Owain Glyndwr) Dracaland falls to Llywelyn’s cousin, Henry of Leicester (II).
2152-2214 Sixty Years War: House Lancaster fights Norsemen over claims to their ancestral lands in Niflheimr and Alba (claim of Alba kings). Breizh and Venedia join the war against Midgard
2159 – Vlad III reawakens Dacian dragons and halts Azian march into Europe along the Marca Balcana
2206 – Constantinople falls to Azi Shahr. Imperator Constantine V killed in defense of his capital. Frederick III of Pannonia becomes the new Imperator of Rome, from a Habsburg dynasty. Most Balkans are conquered by Azians.
2214 – At the end of the Sixty Years War, Midgard becomes greatly diminished. Lancastrians gain monetary compensation and the Norse colony at Vinland, Venedia gains Sapmi and Silesia, Breizh expands eastwards to Rhine and Alps.
2214-2238 – War of Three Thorns. Three kingdoms wage for succession: Picts (thistle), Saxons (rose) and Gwynedd (gorse)
2214 – Having secured his position in the North, Eadweard Lancaster invades the South with help of Richard Warwick and defeats the last of the Stronghills (Henry IV). He is elected king of all Seaxe, but his rule is unpopular.
2220-2326 – A Civil War erupts in Yamato
2224 – Battle of Barnet. Richard Warwick defeats Eadweard, with help from the Prydain.
2235 – Warwick recaptures most of Lancashire and Yorkshire from Alba.
2238 – Harri ap Edwrd Tudur, or Harri the Uniter, prince of Gwynedd, defeats Warwick on Bosworth Field. Second Act of Union between Gwynedd and Dracaland.
2245-2263 – Roman conquest of the Carib Isles and northern shores of the newly discovered southern continent.
2258 – A wizard Lutherius conjures his ninety theses at Mythraeum in Nuremberg
2263 – The Aztecs summon their Blood God who turns most of their Empire into a pool of blood. The Romans halt their advance.
2264 – The Vasconians capture the port of Goa in Bharata
2277 – 2401 – Wizardry Wars
2286 – Arthur II Tudur separates Dracaland from the Sun Church
2288 – The Vasconians capture the port of Haojing in Qin
2296 – The Vasconians land in Yamato.
2310 – Pater Franc discovers vampyres in Hellas. They are soon employed to fight the Wizards and the Azi.
2313-2356 The Dee co-rules Dracaland from Eilwen I’s court
2250-2350 Dacians conquer most of Balkans
2317 – First mention of the Grey Hoods, inspired by The Dee, who want to combine Mithraic orthodoxy with Dragon worship and wizardry.
2321 – Oda enters Heian and establishes a puppet Taikun under his command.
2323 – Vasconian outpost in Yokoseura is attacked by unknown assailants and burned down with all inhabitants. Western traders move to Kiyo.
2326 – Takeda Shingen is killed by his own personal assassin, Chiyome.
2328 – After victorious Battle of Nagashino, Oda conquers most of Yamato except Uesugi domain.
2331 – Uesugi dies in mysterious circumstances.
2335 – Oda is killed at Honnoji. His lieutenant Taiko gains power.
2338 – Dracalish colony of Roanoke established in Tyr Gorllewin.
2341 – Vasconian invasion fleet destroyed by the magic of Witch Doideag
2351 – Taiko dies. Tokugawa, another of Oda’s lieutenants, bids for power.
2353 – Tokugawa wins the battle of Sekigahara and unites Yamato under his rule.
2356- Eilwen I Tudur dies without issue. Domnall VII, the king of Picts, ascends to the throne of Dracaland as Domnall I
2357 – The Dee is banished from court, sails to New World.
2360 – The colony of New Noviomagus established by the Bataavians in the New World
2373-2393 – The Yokai War in Yamato results in destruction of all magical creatures
2374 – The Mayflower journey brings Grey Hoods to Roanoke. They, and the other colonists, are never heard from again.
2382 – Dracaland intervenes in the Wizardry War. Siege of Ar’Rochel
2391-2392 – The Shimabara Rebellion in Yamato
2393 – Yamato is surrounded by the impenetrable Sea Maze
2400 – A Wizard army captures Castle Aberteifi, the last stronghold of the Sun Priests in Gwynedd. Many monsters are released from its dungeons and disappear into the marshes.
2401 – Peace of Westfall. As terms of peace, all necromancy in Europe is to be destroyed and forgotten. Lands north of the Imperium retain freedom to study Wizardry, but it’s subdued in the Imperium. Technological gap between North and South widens. Picts and Eriu remain anti-wizard, and Eogan I son of Domnall tries to introduce anti-wizardry laws.
2403 – Boym reaches Qin, witnessing the fall of the ruling dynasty

2390-2413 – Deluge, Venedia partitioned between Midgard, Rome and Varyaga
2406 – Cromwell abolishes Dracaland monarchy under Eogan I
2414 – New Qin dynasty surrounds the country with the Haijin barrier, excluding Macau
2438 – Eogan II tries to win back his southern throne and dies
2443 – Darien Scheme. Alba establishes a colony in the Isthmus of Darien, quickly becoming a new colonial power.
2465 – Lord Protector Richard Cromwell dies. War of Succession. With money from the Darien scheme Eithne I leads an invasion into Dracaland
2467 – Monarchy is re-established with Act of Settlement under George I, a Midgardian duke of House Welf-Este. Distantly related to both Eithne I and Eilwen I, George I sits both on the Dragon Throne and the Stag Throne. The cousins of Eithne I retreat to the northern Highlands.
2480 – George II ascends to throne
2493 – Vitus Bering establishes the city of Alexisborg in Avacha Bay on the coast of Yupi peninsula
2498 – Eogan III, Duke of Arcaibh, tries to win back his southern throne
2513 – George III ascends to throne
2543 – 2548 – War of Vened Succession. As the ruling Radvila dynasty dies out, neighbours fight for the spoils. Varyaga gains Volhynia in the south and Sapmi in the north, Midgard gains Pomerania, Rome gains Lublin but Venedia keeps its independence under a new Constitution.
2529 – Gorllewin begin their secret breeding programme, using feral dragons from Cantref Madoc and ancient Norse dragons from Vinland.
2539 – Dracaland buys a province of Tanbaek from Varyaga to establish industrial base in Tanais Basin
2542 – Revolution in Breizh
2548-2568- Kyrnosian Wars
2558 – Battle of Cape Spartel
2559 – Neapolion the Kyrnosian overthrows Habsburg dynasty and becomes the Imperator of Rome. Rome conquers most of Breizh, Batavia, Midgard and Venedia, marches against Varyaga and Dracaland
2560 – Bataavian colonies in South America given over to Rome.
2561 – HMS Phaeton incident
2565-2583 – Anti-thaumaturgy rebellions in northern Dracaland
2568 – Neapolion defeated and Rome retreats to old borders. Neapolion remains Imperator
2571 – The Bharata Wars end with Dracaland victory and control of the northern part of the subcontinent
2592 – The Carnatic incident sparks a Dracalish-Qin War
2594 – The colony of Empresstown and Fan Yu trading factory are established
2601 – Neapolion III crowned Imperator. He embarks the Empire on a new colonization effort, sending Vasconian ships into the seas again.
2605 – Immanuel Nobelius invents a submarine. Admiral von Otter sails from Alexisborg on a secret mission to Yamato.
2607 – War breaks out in the Scythian Sea. The Heavenly Army captures Xijiang. MFS Ladon sails from Brigstow.

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