Once more, unto the breach…

Into the valley of death, rode the five thousand.

Fifty remained. ‘The Shadow of Black Wings’, remarkably and quite surprisingly, among them.

The breakdown of the General Fiction semi-finalists proves that my choice of category (young adult) was the right one. As Fantasy, it would perish utterly. Only one novel got through, and it can hardly be described as fantasy (telepathy in rural environment is a domain of 1960’s sci-fi). 5 science fictions and 2 historical fictions make General Fiction is a boring wasteland 🙂

Surprised at how many of the ‘crowd favourites’ have not gone through. It only goes to show… something. Not sure what.

And the reward for the rudest agency goes to…

Anubis LLA.

Just a scribbled ‘Not for us’ on the margin of the cover letter.

The hell…?

If you can’t be bothered so much, why do you insist on snail-mail submissions? Those things cost money, you know.


Only one other rejection this week, from Kirsten Wolf of Wolf Literary Services. Standard rejection, but much nicer in tone than most.