“The Warrior’s Soul” launches today!

The second volume of The Year of the Dragon is now available on Amazon Kindle!

An ancient empire stands on the brink of a civil war.
Their quest may push it over the edge.

It is the Seventeenth Year of Queen Victoria’s enlightened rule. The Qin Rebellion spreads dangerously close to the old capital and only the remainder of the Second Regiment of Royal Marines stands between the rebel army and the vital trade port of Huating.

In Yamato, after a mysterious ritual fusing Bran’s soul with that of an ancient warrior, he, the wizardess Sato and the shrine apprentice Nagomi flee Kiyo, pursued by the Yamato authorities – and by the associates of a shadowy figure in Crimson Robe. Their quest – to find Bran’s captured dragon and discover the whereabouts of Sato’s abducted father.

“The Warrior’s Soul” should be available on paperback by the end of August. There will be a bit more marketing and maybe some promotions later on, but right now I just want to sleep. I’m exhausted!