It’s over 100,000!

Just a quick note – this blog just passed 100,000 unique views 🙂 No time to do the stats summary post, this’ll have to wait until later in the month. For now, I’ll just say that 45,000 of those views came from the good ol’ USofA, and that this post is, unsurprisingly, by far number one, on 12,000 views.

20,000 views! Big stats post

At some point today, this blog has passed 20,000 views! 🙂

The last mini summary was at 10,000 in November. It’s taken mere two months to double that – glad to see the numbers are still growing, instead of stagnating 🙂


The world map is looking roughly the same as before – there’s little left to improve. Africa and Middle East have filled up a bit, and there’s a lot of tiny island nations too small to show on the picture. The middle of South America remains strangely elusive – don’t they have the internet in Paraguay? Or is it all proxied through Brazil and Argentina?


The Top 10 countries remain roughly the same, with Canada climbing to the unexpected 4th. Taiwan is now 11th, ahead of India.


The bottom of the chart reads like a geography test. One can only guess what guided somebody from Swaziland or Federated States of Micronesia to my blog; and the single entry from China – was that a censor reading through the list of banned sites and clicking absent-mindedly?wolrdmap


Title Views
Home page / Archives 6,328
The Year of the Dragon 997
KDP Select – a week later. The price of one’s soul. 842
The Hollow Crown: Henry V – so strange I saw it twice. 808
New BBC2 trailer 724
How to be a successful… lottery winner 675
About Author 656
Parade’s End’s End. 474
Italo-Turkish War, 1911-1912 424
Formatting an eBook in 10 easy steps – part 1 422
Asylum of the Daleks – 5 questions, 1 observation 397
A different Vienna, part 2 – Gasometer: steampunk arcologies 367

If anything, the table shows how strong the convergence between traditional media and blogging still is. Four posts in Top 10 (discounting “system pages”) are about what I’ve seen on the telly. A recent breakthrough is the New BBC2 Trailer post – by far the most successful of the year so far. And it’s not even a proper post – just a YouTube link with copied lyrics. The KDP Select post, which I predicted to climb high last time, has done just that – now safe at No. 1

Spots 11-13 are occupied by more of my self-publishing ramblings.

I’m not posting top search results this time, as they are getting a bit meaningless and monotonous: roughly, equivalent to the Top 10 posts, just more jumbled.

Top referrers:

Referrer Views
Search Engines 4,543
Reddit 1,979 509 321
Facebook 292 263
Twitter 218
WordPress Dashboard 177 155
StumbleUpon 130

The big number comes from a one-day test of one of those paid referral places. Turned out to be just a bunch of spam-bots.

Search Engines, reddit, tumblr and FB are still big: Reddit is still massive, even though I think my site was ghost-banned for a while there 🙂 I’ve recently discovered that Google+ clicks often register as “search engine” query, so there may be quite a lot of these in the 4000 number. Passive Voice clicks come from just one comment on the blog. Twitter, Goodreads and StumbleUpon are trailing behind the big guys.

Top Clicks:

URL Clicks 374
Google 245 211 174 61 53 49 38 38
Google+ 3

The blog continues to serve as decent advertisement for my Amazon books: over 420 clicks combined. BBC clicks are almost all from that New Trailer post 🙂

Totals, followers, shares:

Content: 176 Posts, 176 Comments [sic!]

Taxonomies: 18 Categories, 716 Tags

Followers (includes Publicize) : 56 Blog17 Comments

Most views per day: January 15, 351 (discounting the experiment)

EDIT: Actually, my best day turned out to be today, at a staggering 606 views! 🙂

Most comments per day:  September 14 (the previous stats post – I have such a geeky audience 🙂

Most commented post: KDP Select – a week later. The price of one’s soul.

Comments per month: 13

So, what’s the next landmark number we’re aiming for? Dare I say, 50,000 ?

10,000 views. I’m big in Greenland :)

I’ve just gone through 10,000 views!

I’m not going to do a big stats post like last time, but one thing I have to mention: today I got my first views from the frozen wastes of Greenland! 🙂

Since my 5,000 views post, I’ve also filled some gaps in Asia: China, Myanmar, Nepal… I got most of the Commonwealth nations accounted for (including all Channel Islands and Gibraltar) and covered 99% of Europe (Montenegro being the stubborn exception). Added bits of Africa, but still gaping holes there and in Central Africa.

I wonder how the 20,000 views map will look like?

5000 views – viewing stats

Yesterday I broke through 5000 pageviews on this blog. That’s a cause to celebrate 🙂 The blog is active since the middle of June, so it’s taken almost exactly three months to reach the 5000. My other blog, that I moved from (and where all posts older than June come from) is at twice that much, but it’s been going on since July 2010 and Blogger counts pageviews a bit different than WordPress.

Here are some stats from these three months, if anyone’s interested. Warning: it’s a long post, and it’s got a lot of numbers. Feel free to skip it altogether 🙂Read More »