All work and no play… January projects.

JanuaryJanuary so far is proving one of the busiest months.

Apart from finishing Draft 3 of “The Rising Tide” I’ve launched two major online projects since New Year. It’s been exhausting, but at least I’m finally doing fun things 🙂

The first project is “Today in Japan’s History“: daily Nihon Rekishitweets, FB and G+ posts on Japan’s History, on the day it happened. You can read more about the project here. At the moment I’ve gathered over 1500 facts, amounting to an average of 4-5 posts a day. Do follow please if you find that sort of thing interesting 🙂

The second project, launched today, is “Kobo Book Hub“: a site for promoting Kobo books. There’s a lot of these for Kindle, but not many for Kobo, so I’m here to fill out the niche. Right now it’s just listing books in three price categories, but I expect to be adding new features as the site grows. If you have a book on Kobo, please fill out the submission form. For a while all books are accepted free of charge 🙂