Next Big Thing

Laxmi Hariharan tagged me last week for this, a meme where I have to answer ten questions about my current work in progress.

My on-going work in progress is “The Year of the Dragon” – a historical fantasy saga about the age of turmoil in alternative Japan. I’m currently working on volumes 3 and 4 of the cycle simultaneously, so I will answer the questions for both of them.

1. What is the working title of your book?

Volume 3: “The Islands in the Mist”
Volume 4: “The Rising Tide”

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Poll: what sells the book?

Like all good artists, I strive to satisfy my audience. But sometimes, the audience stays quiet and I have to guess what they want. That doesn’t always work. Well, this time YOU get the voice.

I want to know what would make you buy or not buy a book. Please, assist me with this (pseudo-) scientific research and let me know how I can improve. Also, if you’re a self-publishing author, you might be interested in the results of the poll yourself – so spread the word and stay tuned for updates 🙂

First, go to my amazon page, and think carefully. What throws you off immediately? What needs changing? What change would make you buy the book?

Then select up to three answers from the poll below.

(for the sake of the research, assume you want to buy a book today in the first place)