Top 8 Ice Cream

I’m in between releases (Transmission is done. “The Shadow…” is coming soon) and my mind is exhausted by the work and the heat, so here’s, as they say, something completely different: a list of my favourite ice cream.

These are not the best ice cream in the world (although some claim they are) but for one reason or another these are the ones I either remember most fondly or like to eat most often.

8. Amorino (Europe)

Ubiquitous in the cities of Western Europe, this is a refuge of an ice-cream lover who is lost, tired and in dire need of frozen desert. Be it Strassbourg, Grenoble or Soho, Amorino delivers quality and low price to the hungry masses.

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Born in 1963

I have obtained proofs that in 1963 CIA and MI6 have been testing a ‘perfect man’ serum on a group of randomly selected women in UK and USA. Here are the proofs, in random order:

  • Johnny Depp, June 9
  • Brad Pitt, December 18
  • Jason Isaacs, June 6
  • David Thewlis, March 20

  • Jarvis Cocker, September 19

  • Seal, February 19

Some more or less failed experiments include George Michael, Conan O’Brien, Quentin Tarantino, MC Hammer and ALL of Metallica.
1963. One of the best years to have sons.
(Highlight for controversy: was Kennedy’s blood needed to succesfuly create the serum?)