Yaldā Advent Calendar 2012 – Day 2 – Transmission


Today I offer for FREE my short Sci-Fi stories anthology, Transmission.

Transmission: Six Short Stories

Genre: Science Fiction
1st Edition June 2012 by Flying Squid
2nd Edition November 2012 by Flying Squid

The first television broadcast signal is now almost 90 light years away from Earth. What would human colonists on distant worlds feel like receiving these ancient transmission for the first time?

TRANSMISSION has first been published in eFiction magazine in June 2012, and received Honorary Mention in On The Premises magazine in November 2012

A journalist tracking the last survivors of the most infamous Martian War massacre discovers the gruesome truth – and more…

KING MIDAS’S BARBER has first been published in Polish as “Kosci Chudych Dzieci” in Science Fiction magazine in February 2002

This time the aliens did not come to destroy us – but to employ us…

FACTORY BLOCK S3 has not been published before.

A day in the life of a member of the RSPD – the Royal Society for the Protection of Dragons.

THE TWITCHING has been first published on Wattpad in July 2012

In a world of the luckless, the Lucky Men are kings.

O LUCKY MAN has been first published in Polish as “Szczesciarz” in Fahrenheit magazine

Every God has to start somewhere…

TEOPHANY has not been published before.

Kindle Edition:
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Glossary & Editor’s Choice

In a surprising development, “Birkenhead Drill” is this week’s Editor’s Choice on Figment. You can read it over here.

If you need a reminder, “Birkenhead Drill” are short scenes from “The Year of the Dragon” universe, mostly happening before the events of the book. At some point I’d like to polish and publish those as a separate prequel to the main story.

Speaking of “The Year of the Dragon” I have finished the Glossary of Terms which was requested by several readers. I’ll be adding that soon to Kindle versions of the books, meanwhile you can read the Glossary here.

That’s all the news today. Tomorrow marks the launch of my Kickstarter campaign… and a Halloween surprise – stay tuned! 🙂

Transmission: Blood, sweat & interface problems.

TransmissionSo my short story collection, “Transmission”, is finally available on Amazon. It’s not my main production this week – the big one is still in the works – but it was useful to test the waters and learn a few things about how publishing on Amazon works.

You’d think the actual act of putting the book on Amazon would be the easy part – what with having to write the stories, formatting, making a cover etc. – but you’d be wrong. The KDP interface leaves a lot to be desired, and this weekend was a hard one. But I’ve learned, and that means when the time comes for the big one, I will hopefully make less mistakes.

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