Midsummer Anniversary Bonus Sale

NEW_BUNDLE_250 It’s hard to believe it’s been two years already since I’ve published “The Shadow of Black Wings” – the first book in the Year of the Dragon series. It was in June 2012 that I’ve started on this long journey. I’m now at book 5 – with book 6 in the (painful) making…

In celebration, the full Book 1-4 Bundle is today (and today only) on a super-sale, reduced from the full price of $8.99 to a no-brainer bargain of $0.99! The deal is available on Amazon, Kobo and – for the first time – on Nook!

I will have another major announcement to make shortly, but for now, that’s all from me. Stay tuned!

News: #SteamLit, #NovoPulp, Draft #3

Hi all, I’ve got some actual news for you this time!

Seal_Cover_250px V3First of all, The Year of the Dragon Book 5, “The Chrysanthemum Seal” is finally moving along nicely – I’m now at Draft #4, which means that, with luck, the book may be out THIS MAY! Make sure to mark that on your calendars. For me, that means I have to start thinking about the title and cover for Book 6 soon…

NovopulpA group of speculative fiction writers over on Google+ teamed up to publish a yearly short story anthology, and the first volume is launched today. It’s called NovoPulp, and the reason I mention it is because you can find one of my short stories (published before in Transmission) there along with many others. Do check it out – the stories are all good, and the quality of the edition is very high – there are even colour illustrations!
If you hurry you can sign-up for a giveaway over on NovoPulp website HERE.

1525379_723674650986774_666302074_n[1]Finally, later this month (April 21-27) I’ll be taking part in “SteamLit” Steampunk Extravaganza – a sale event, in which 13 steampunk writers lower their prices by half. So it’s yet another chance to grab the first four volumes of “The Year of the Dragon” at a bargain, just in time for the fifth book!