How to read KDP reports during a free promo

So, as mentioned before, I happened to have run a successful KDP Select promotion during a total meltdown of the reporting system. When the system finally came back online, the Kindle forums were full of publishers complaining about the wrong numbers on their dashboards. Initially, I was one of them. I just couldn’t make head nor tail of the figures. It seemed to me that the royalty reports have nothing to do with the sales reports, and vice versa. I was eager to blame it on the system bugs, but after a little bit of calculation I realised the reports were right – I was just reading them wrong (also, they are a bit counter-intuitive at first sight).

So to help you avoid such headaches in the future, here’s how to read KDP reports during or after a Free Promo. Continue reading “How to read KDP reports during a free promo”