Next Big Thing

Laxmi Hariharan tagged me last week for this, a meme where I have to answer ten questions about my current work in progress.

My on-going work in progress is “The Year of the Dragon” – a historical fantasy saga about the age of turmoil in alternative Japan. I’m currently working on volumes 3 and 4 of the cycle simultaneously, so I will answer the questions for both of them.

1. What is the working title of your book?

Volume 3: “The Islands in the Mist”
Volume 4: “The Rising Tide”

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Labor Day Giveaway

So, as promised, here’s some good news if you wanted to get one of my books for free.

“The Shadow of Black Wings”, volume one of my acclaimed historical fantasy saga, is on a give-away today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle, in US and worldwide (including India).

Here are the links, just click, download and read on!

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon IT
Amazon FR
Amazon ES

New review

I have another review up on Trickster Eric‘s page. A bit of good, a bit of bad, but it’s very thorough and honest – and hey, it’s another four stars on Amazon, so works for me 🙂

Highlights: “The book’s strongest point is world building. I love world building; I love it when the author takes the time to paint the full picture. It shows attention to detail and a sense that the author put great thought and effort into creating their setting. In “Shadows of Black Wings” every scene and location is painted to perfection.

The fact that Bran does not know the local language is a plot point and receives a chapter worth of attention.

A second strong point is character development. Mr. Calbraith has a knack for quickly developing characters. Just one scene and a name becomes a 3-D flesh and blood person.

PS: According to wordpress, this is my 100th blog post! (including ones imported from the old blogger site, I presume) – yay me 🙂

Call for reviews

So here’s the thing: I need a couple more reviews on Amazon to be eligible for a few extra marketing opportunities. These don’t need to be very professional, full-page things, but if any of you who had bought the book (and I know there are some, I can see the sales stats you know 😉 could spare the obligatory 20 words or more and a few stars, I would be much obliged! (and might even do something for you in return)



More good reviews :)

I’ve just noticed I got a few very nice reviews when I was away on well-deserved holidays: one on – “The Shadow of Black Wings is a thoroughly captivating read” ! And one on Goodreads – “This book was really great. It got my attention because of the cover, but it captivated me quickly after having read only a few pages” !

Altogether, the reviews are coming along nicely – mostly in the range of 4-5 stars, with few exceptions (touch wood).

Adding to that, “The Shadow of Black Wings” reached Top 100 on today, and “The Warrior’s Soul” moved for a moment to Top 50 on – looks like I have fans in Germany, which is a very nice surprise 🙂

I’m still resting today – but stay tuned for more news and posts in near future!

Here, There Be Dragons

A glowing review of “The Shadow…” at YA Book Bridges.

YA Book Bridges

TITLE: The Shadow of Black Wings, Book One of The Year of the Dragon

AUTHOR: James Calbraith

PUBLISHER: Flying Squid (July 2012-ebook & paperback)

LENGTH: 338 pages

SUMMARY: (adapted from

An ancient empire stands on the brink of a civil war. His arrival may push it over the edge.

It is the sixteenth year of Queen Victoria’s enlightened rule and the world trembles before the might of her ironclad navy and the dreaded Dragon Corps. The largest ship ever built sails from the Brigstow Harbour on a journey to the mysterious lands of the Orient. Its load: a regiment of the Royal Marines and Bran ap Dylan – freshly graduated in Dracology from the Llambed Academy of Mystic Arts.

On the other side of this world, the empire of Yamato has been sealed from the rest of the world for the last two centuries. A wizard’s daughter, Sato, witnesses…

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