Day 2

This morning, fantasy newspaper City AM bemoans the fact that people still have little faith in the banks and financial institutions. Despite all the obvious effort they’ve made to clear their good name!
They blame politicians and the media for creating an ‘atmosphere of distrust’.


Bad news: the sofuto kurimu machine is gone from Japan Centre shop. Small consolation: they have Hojicha ice cream in the fridge.


Dear Mr …

I am sorry that you were unhappy when you were asked to turn off your kindle.  I can understand how disappointing it must have been for you.  Please accept my sincere apologies.
I would like to assure you that we do listen and take account of what our customers tell us.  I have now recorded the details of your feedback.  A group of senior managers from across the business look at the problems our customers face, and how we can improve.  This means your feedback is given direct to the department best placed to act on it.  As a result we can improve and invest in the areas that matter most to our customers.
Thank you for writing to us about such an important aspect of British Airways service.  I hope you will fly with us again soon.

Best regards

L… R…

Oooh, it just makes me fuzzy all over. It was almost believable until they implied a group of senior managers will read my letter 😉

Still, at least they are sorry. Is that one of the ‘frills’ you pay for when you don’t fly a ‘no-frills’ airline?

Day 1

Started reading City AM. It’s a fantasy newspaper about a parallel universe in which bankers and corporations can’t be blamed for anything, financial crises come unpredictably like natural disasters, and every problem can be solved by lowering taxes for the rich.

There is some species of ivy that turns bloody red at that time of the year. It tends to cling to disused railway tracks. Makes everything look very War-of-the-Worldly.