Back in Paperback

Year of the DragonAfter a brief hiatus while we were fixing some of the formatting issues discovered since launch, “The Year of the Dragon, 1-4” is now again available on Amazon and Createspace on paperback.

I’ve also added all my paperbacks to Createspace’s Expanded Distribution, which means it should be available to buy from other outlets, such as Barnes&Noble online store in a short while – I’ll add links to the sidebar as soon as they appear.

Don’t forget, it’s also enrolled in Amazon’s KindleMatch program, which means if that if you shell out on the paperback, you’ll be able to download the Kindle version of the book for a mere $1.99

In related news, it’s day 12 of NanoWrimo and I’m managing to keep up with the daily wordcount quota, so hopefully the first draft of “The Chrysanthemum Seal” will be ready long before Christmas!

In non-related non-news, I’m recently mildly obsessed with the British comedian and musician Matt Berry. Do search him out on a music media of your choice; his pastiches of 1970s rock are utterly brilliant and, like all good pastiche, virtually indistinguishable from homage.

Kindle MatchBook

matchbookSo has just announced the launch of its Kindle MatchBook program. We’ve known about it for some time in the publishing world, and as soon as the opportunity came, I decided to enroll all my books (those with paperbacks, at least) into the program.

What does the MatchBook program mean for you? It means that you can buy a paper copy of a book, and get the e-book version at a discount or sometimes even free! It’s the literary equivalent of Amazon’s AutoRip program, which gives you MP3 to go with your CDs or Vinyls.

There were some grumblings and rumblings coming from the old-school publishing industry about it (what initiative of Amazon’s was ever welcomed by those guys?) but frankly, I see no downsides. The readers get what they’ve always wanted – choice; the publishers gain additional incentive and promotional tool for selling more of their precious paperbacks – and to possibly earn twice on the same book. It’s a win for all.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t sell many paperbacks – it’s not where my marketing efforts go – so for me enrolling in the KindleMatch is more of a gesture towards those of my readers who like my books enough to shell out for a hardcopy. So, if you’re one of those special fans, here’s the deal from now on:

If you buy a paperback version of “Shadow of Black Wings“, “Warrior’s Soul“, “Islands in the Mist” or “Rising Tide“, you’ll get the e-copy ABSOLUTELY FREE.

If you buy a paperback version of “The Year of the Dragon, 1-4“, you’ll be able to buy the e-copy for a mere $2.99 instead of its listed price of $9.99.


*) disclaimer: KindleMatch is an Amazon program. I take no responsibility for any technical problems involved. If you’re unable to get your discount for some reason, please contact Amazon Support.

PS: the Bundle paperback may not be available for the next few days as we need to iron out some formatting issues, but that’s only a temporary problem.