10,000 views. I’m big in Greenland :)

I’ve just gone through 10,000 views!

I’m not going to do a big stats post like last time, but one thing I have to mention: today I got my first views from the frozen wastes of Greenland! 🙂

Since my 5,000 views post, I’ve also filled some gaps in Asia: China, Myanmar, Nepal… I got most of the Commonwealth nations accounted for (including all Channel Islands and Gibraltar) and covered 99% of Europe (Montenegro being the stubborn exception). Added bits of Africa, but still gaping holes there and in Central Africa.

I wonder how the 20,000 views map will look like?

5000 views – viewing stats

Yesterday I broke through 5000 pageviews on this blog. That’s a cause to celebrate 🙂 The blog is active since the middle of June, so it’s taken almost exactly three months to reach the 5000. My other blog, that I moved from (and where all posts older than June come from) is at twice that much, but it’s been going on since July 2010 and Blogger counts pageviews a bit different than WordPress.

Here are some stats from these three months, if anyone’s interested. Warning: it’s a long post, and it’s got a lot of numbers. Feel free to skip it altogether 🙂 Continue reading “5000 views – viewing stats”