KDP Select – a week later. The price of one’s soul.

It’s been a week since my free promotion. And what a week it’s been! It’s time for the first summary of my life after KDP Select.


  • Thousands of free units downloaded over two days
  • #1 on UK Historical Fantasy Free Best Seller list
  • #1 on US Historical Fantasy Free Best Seller list
  • #2 on US Young Adult Free Best Seller list (only kept off the first place by Artemis Fowl)
  • #5 on US Fantasy Free Best Seller list
  • #112 on US Free Best Seller list overall
  • Sold more books in two days than in an entire month previous
  • #47 on US Historical Fantasy Paid Best Seller list
  • #17 on UK Historical Fantasy Paid Best Seller list
  • A full week on paid Best Seller lists

More detailed summary (with charts!) :

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Labor Day Giveaway

So, as promised, here’s some good news if you wanted to get one of my books for free.

“The Shadow of Black Wings”, volume one of my acclaimed historical fantasy saga, is on a give-away today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle, in US and worldwide (including India).

Here are the links, just click, download and read on!

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon IT
Amazon FR
Amazon ES

Announcement: Goodreads Giveaway

I’m giving away two paperbacks of my first novel, “The Shadow of Black Wings” – all you need to do is register your interest on the page below and hope for the best 🙂


The giveaway ends on August the 25th. If you’re out of luck, you can always just buy the paperback from Amazon – just go here.

Transmission: Blood, sweat & interface problems.

TransmissionSo my short story collection, “Transmission”, is finally available on Amazon. It’s not my main production this week – the big one is still in the works – but it was useful to test the waters and learn a few things about how publishing on Amazon works.

You’d think the actual act of putting the book on Amazon would be the easy part – what with having to write the stories, formatting, making a cover etc. – but you’d be wrong. The KDP interface leaves a lot to be desired, and this weekend was a hard one. But I’ve learned, and that means when the time comes for the big one, I will hopefully make less mistakes.

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