Critical Fix to “Withering Flame” file! Read if you bought the book!

Hi folks, a little bit of an emergency update. If you bought the “Withering Flame”, you’ve probably noticed that from Chapter VII it’s all in italics. I don’t know how that got through – I double-check and triple-check every file, and yet, here we are…

Luckily, it’s an easy fix, and we’ve already uploaded the new file to the vendors. If you bought the book on Amazon, you don’t have to do anything – in a week or so, you should get the prompt to download the new version, or if not, just download it again to your Kindle.

If you bought the epub on Nook, Kobo or Smashwords, you might be able to download the fixed file too (give it a few days) but if not, please contact us using this form with details of your purchase, and we’ll send you the fixed file.