The end of the long road… the start of another.

A few bullet points to start with:

It’s been nearly three years since I first put fingers to keyboard and started writing what was to be the first volume of “The Year of the Dragon”. It’s been nearly a year since I uploaded it to Amazon’s KDP and published.

Tide Cover_250I have now at last finished and published volume four: “The Rising Tide”. This is not the end of the saga, by far – but it is the end of one story and beginning of another. The threads unraveled by the end of “The Shadow…” tie up here – leaving space for new ones. Indeed, in typical fantasy doorstopper terms, you might say I have just finished the first volume, at some 300,000 words altogether.

Over this not-quite-a-year, I have reached a few landmarks: I’ve sold over 3800 copies of all my books put together. I’ve given away nearly ten times as much through KDP Select. I’ve reached the top 5 on Alternative History list, and top 60 on Epic Fantasy. I have gained 51 reviews on Amazon and 81 ratings on Goodreads for “The Shadow…”. I have almost paid off what it took to create all the books professionally, and am now at last starting to be in the black, which is a landmark and an achievement on its own.

The Shadow Third Cover 250“The Rising Tide” is not the only “new” book of mine available on Amazon this week. There is a new edition of “The Shadow of Black Wings”, with extra revisions and edits and a longer preview of “The Warrior’s Soul” to further entice you to buy the next book – and soften the edge of the cliff-hanger ending 🙂 You can pick it up for free today and tomorrow, and it will be sold at reduced price after that. If you have bought or downloaded it before from Amazon, you should get an updated “pushed” your way within a few weeks.



Finally, if you want the full doorstopper treatment, all four volumes are now available in a 300k words-bundle, priced at just $9.99. The bundle is a deluxe edition, which includes four appendices, a short story and additional graphics. 

As usual, expect all those books in paperback in a few weeks.


What now? Finishing the four books does not mean I have time to rest. If anything, things will get even busier from now on. Now I have to write more! And this time I have to start from complete blank: volume five is only a rough idea in my head, not even a sketch. I know what needs to happen, but I haven’t yet written a single word of it. I haven’t been in this situation since August 2010. Exciting – and scary!

I will probably write something shorter in the meantime, as an interlude. What it will be, I haven’t decided yet, although I have a few decent ideas to choose from.

I will still try to keep this blog updated as often as I can. There is a big thing coming up this summer that doesn’t involve writing – at least, not yet – but will keep me just as busy. I’ll let you know next month.

That’s all from me for now. Peace and out 🙂