The Year of the Dragon: Second Bundle (vols. 5-8) Release!

This is, most likely, the last solid bit of publishing news regarding The Year of the Dragon* series.

After finishing the series with The Last Dragon King, we’re now releasing the second bundled volume of the entire saga, containing Books 5-8:

5. The Chrysanthemum Seal

6. The Withering Flame

7. The Shattering Waves

8. The Last Dragon King

As with Bundle bundle2_thumbI (1-4), this one also contains some additional exclusive content, all the maps from the four books, and an exclusive new cover created by the same artist, the brilliant Collette J. Ellis. Fittingly, like my very first cover, this one also shows Bran himself, but for the first time with his faithful dragon, Emrys!

So this is it, friends. The final, final book. One day I might return to this world for another story, but for now I’m focused on a whole new, completely different project, of which I might start telling you in a few months.


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*) ebooks. There will be paperbacks soon, I promise!

Finale Reveal – Title and Cover!

Well, here it is. The cover of the final volume of the Year of the Dragon saga.

I went for something special with this one, to commemorate this being the last volume cover in the series: I hired the services of the wonderful Collette J. Ellis of Flying Viper Illustrations. You might recognize the style from the cover of Vol. 1-4 Bundle. I don’t think there’s anyone who draws Asian dragons better, so she was a natural choice for this cover – and you’ll see why as soon as you scroll below.

With the cover, there’s also the reveal of the title of Book Eight: “The Last Dragon King”. I leave it to you to guess who’s on the cover this time – and who’s the Dragon King.

The manuscript is far from finished… This one is big: I’m already at 80,000 words and I expect to add at least a third more. I still aim at a Christmas release, though, so have just a little bit of patience! We’ll get there in the end.

And so, without further ado, here it is – the cover for the grand finale, “The Last Dragon King”.


Geek Art: Amazing Gender Bending Series by Sakimi chan

Sakimi-chan is, as you may remember, the artist who made the brilliant covers for the first two of my Year of the Dragon books (
So I’m glad to see she’s finally getting proper recognition worldwide now, mostly because of this piece she did on “Gender-bended Disney Characters”, which seems to have gone viral overnight.

Make sure to visit the galleries of my other, equally brilliant, cover artists: Sulev Daekazu and Collette J. Ellis.

We Geek Girls

Amazing and beautiful gender bending series by Yue, aka Sakimi chan (Facebook, Tumblr, and DeviantArt):

Male Maleficent by Sakimichan Male version of Maleficent

Female Version of Jack and Male version of Sally Female version of Jack and Male version of Sally

Male version of Esmeralda Male version of Esmeralda

Male version of Belle and Female Version of the Beast Male version of Belle and Female Version of the Beast

Male version of Ariel Male version of Ariel

Male version of Elsa Male version of Elsa

Female version of Jack Female version of Jack

Female version of HadesMale version of Female version of Hades

Male version of Cruella Male version of Cruella

Male version of Princess Mononoke and Female version of Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke) Male version of Princess Mononoke and Female version of Ashitaka (Princess Mononoke)

Female version of Howl and Male version of Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) Female version of Howl and Male version of Sophie (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Male version of Pocahontas Male version of Pocahontas

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The Chrysanthemum Seal – Cover Reveal

The upcoming 5th book of “The Year of the Dragon” series is still being written – I recently passed the 50k mark on the first draft – and expected for release no sooner than spring 2014. In the meantime, however, I am pleased to reveal the cover for book 5 – The Chrysanthemum Seal.

Like the previous two “character” covers, this one is also drawn by Sulev Daekazu, and shows the character of Dylan ab Ifor in his full bad-ass glory 🙂


The Islands in the Mist

The Islands in the Mist – TYOTD Vol. 3 COMING SOON TO AMAZON NEAR YOU!

Here’s the cover. I’ve teamed up with another artist for this and the next covers – a friend of mine, Sulev Daekazu (deviantART, tumblr). I’m very happy with what he’s created; it’s not his usual work, and I think it came out maybe even more cover-y than the previous ones. I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂

The launch of The Islands in the Mist is scheduled on October the 8th.

Poll: what sells the book?

Like all good artists, I strive to satisfy my audience. But sometimes, the audience stays quiet and I have to guess what they want. That doesn’t always work. Well, this time YOU get the voice.

I want to know what would make you buy or not buy a book. Please, assist me with this (pseudo-) scientific research and let me know how I can improve. Also, if you’re a self-publishing author, you might be interested in the results of the poll yourself – so spread the word and stay tuned for updates 🙂

First, go to my amazon page, and think carefully. What throws you off immediately? What needs changing? What change would make you buy the book?

Then select up to three answers from the poll below.

(for the sake of the research, assume you want to buy a book today in the first place)