Five annoying things of the modern world.

It’s 2012. The future. We’re supposed to be better than this. Sort this out, people.

1. Tourist visas.

I want to visit your beautiful country. I have already gone through considerable effort and expense of getting there. I bring my money with me. And yet you don’t want to let me in without going through countless bureaucratic loops. Oh well, maybe I’ll go visit that other country that wants my money instead.

2. Roaming within Europe.

This is why we can’t have nice things. What’s the point of all that modern connected technology if the moment I cross the Channel I’m forced to pay through the nose for basic access to Google Maps? How can Europe compete with USA if we can’t even contact each other properly? What’s EC doing?.

3. All other cross-border charges within Europe.

Surely the free trade directives should have already sorted all this out a long time ago. If I can transport physical goods (and myself) between countries without additional expense and hassle, why isn’t it the same for money or data? Madness? This is  Europe!

4. This content is inaccessible in your country because we don’t care.

Everyone knows what this is about. Again, the case of your wallet stinks and your money is no good to us. I fart in your general direction.

5. Your search did not match anything in our catalogue.

Ie. this record company refuses to acknowledge the existence of the internet and would much rather spend its money on copyright lawyers than earn them by selling me their music.