Author Earnings: The Report (what everyone’s talking about)

Author Earnings: The Report (what everyone’s talking about)

This is the most important Report everyone in publishing is talking about. Based on the data gathered through trawling all of Amazon’s database, and complex calculations, a team of analysts fronted by Hugh Howey has finally reached their conclusions.

The report is long and detailed, but these are the main three takeaways:

  • e-Books are smashing paper books in sales, in every category where it’s fair to make the comparison. So, for example, while cookbooks, manuals and photo albums are still holding strong in paper, genre fiction on paper is as good as dead.
  • there’s a lot more indie writers being published, and read, than anyone (except indie writers and publishers themselves) ever suspected.
  • while earnings of the big publishers are still huge, when it comes to authors, indies score a lot more hard cash than traditionally published authors, not only in relative numbers but even in absolute.

The conclusion of the report is clear. Whether your book is dross or a work of genius, whether you’re a marketing guru or an introverted recluse, the decision to go the self-publishing route seems to be, increasingly, the only rational one.