5 lessons in being an artist from David Bowie’s career

A Bowie post from three years ago, when “Next Day” was released.

James Calbraith

music-david-bowie-the-next-day-album-coverToday is The Next Day. Today is the premiere of David Bowie’s first record in 10 years – and, some say, his best in twice as long.

In preparation for the launch, I’ve been reading Bowie’s biography – David Buckley’s “Strange Fascination”. It’s a great book regardless of whether you’re a fan or not. Half-way through reading I realized that DB’s life and career hold vital clues to achieving an artistic and commercial success for all of us.

Of course, it helps that Bowie is an unparalleled genius and the most beautiful creature to ever walk the Earth; but there are lessons to be learned from what he had done with his life that apply to anyone trying to make a living from their creativity.

David-Bowie_Early[1]5. Make fast, make plenty.

The way Bowie created his records throughout the 70s was legendary. Come into the studio, play once, leave. Write a new…

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