2014 – The Year of the Quitter

A great summary of the 2014 in indie writing, by the ever-honest K.K.Rush.

It was a tough year for all of us in the business. I struggled through, but I have seen many fall around me. Kristine, quoting profusely from 2014 year summaries by other blogging writers (which all tell the same story), provides the most complete explanation for what has happened since last New Year’s I have yet read.


Writing is hard – Solitude and making things up is not for everyone.

Self-publishing is hard – If you don’t learn to love business, self-publishing can be a soul-sucking experience. 

Success is hard – Even major success—paid sales in the tens or hundreds of thousands—requires undreamed-of work. 

The gold rush has ended – You are not entitled to fame and riches just because you published a book. 

Read the rest at: Business Musings: Things Indie Writers Learned in 2014.

6 thoughts on “2014 – The Year of the Quitter

  1. Thanks for the link! I’m going to check this out — certainly curious what the author has to say about the state of self-publishing…

      • I wouldn’t say it’s going bust – rather, the market is maturing, as in every new type of business. Remember the dotcoms, or, earlier, the railways – there’s always an early gold rush period where anyone can earn money, no matter what they do. This period, it seems, is now over, but the self-publishing business is here to stay for those who try hard enough.

        It may not be as doom and gloom as some say, though. My books still sell, even if I have neglected publishing and marketing this year a little due to other responsibilities. I’m not on KULL, so I can’t blame it for any problems I may have. And there were always people like Mr Henderson in the article, who never sold a copy, even in the biggest boom period. So, we’ll see what next year brings 🙂

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