Winning #Nanowrimo 2014


Yesterday, at 10pm, I hit the 50,000 words mark, thus winning Nanowrimo 2014 – with three days to spare!
This year I was talking it far more seriously, as at the start I had to overcome a serious bout of writer’s block – and finish the first draft “The Withering Flame” as soon as possible. Since I started out with 30k already written on Nov 1, that means the full manuscript, at 80,000, is now pretty much completed!

nanoIt was quite an odyssey this month, as you can see from the chart above. A few days after a good start, the poor performance crept in. Half-way through, I was more than 4000 words behind – almost three full days of writing.

The Withering FlameBy the end of last week, I caught a flu – which was luckier than it sounds, as fever makes me write faster. That surge of wordcount the last four days – that’s 38 degrees speaking 🙂 Not sure about the quality, but then that’s what first drafts – and Nanowrimo manuscripts – are like.

I give myself two days of rest now – and start revising the draft on Sunday. Barring any unforeseen accidents, I foresee “The Withering Flame” to be ready sometime early next year. Stay tuned!

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