Back to Kobo, this time for good? (and for free :)

kobo With the last period of Amazon’s KDP Select finally expiring, I am now able to put “The Shadow of Black Wings” back on to Kobo Books. So now you can finally buy all four of The Year of the Dragon books (with more coming 🙂 from there.

To celebrate the return to the other online store, the “Shadow…” is now FREE to download for all Kobo users!

Also, for the first time, the entire bundle, “The Year of the Dragon 1-4” is also available on Kobo.

The platform is right now experiencing huge growth. Hopefully having all my books finally available will help some way towards using this potential.

Here are all my currently available books on Kobo in clickable form 🙂

The Shadow Third Cover 250The Warrior Third Cover_250 2The Islands in the MistTide Cover_250TheYearBUNDLE_250px-3Dragonbone_v2_small
















PS: Don’t forget, if you’re an author who wants to advertise their Kobo book, or a reader looking for some good reading, head over to for a once-every-few-days update on what’s new in the world of indie Kobo.

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