The Paperbacks :)

Me and the Dragon :) I got the proof copies of “The Rising Tide” and “The Year of the Dragon” bundle today from CreateSpace. That means the paperbacks are now available on Amazon.

I only really create these paperbacks for the fun of it, and to have tyotd2physical things as giveaways and gifts. The profits from POD are meagre: a little more than a dollar per copy, despite the price. Still, it’s nice to have a physical object to represent two and a half years of hard work. At 820 pages, the book weighs 3 pounds and is almost 2 inches thick. It’s definitely a THING. I have created a THING.

tide1The Rising Tide paperback looks nice too, of course 🙂 It all grew to a pretty substantial bookshelf, with four small books and one huge one. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m back to writing – time to create some more THINGS 🙂

PS: The Year of the Dragon bundle contains a new map, unavailable in other editions: the Map of Gwynedd.

Map of Gwynedd
Map of Gwynedd

6 thoughts on “The Paperbacks :)

  1. I am eagerly awaiting proof copies of my debut novel ‘A Construct of Angels’ from CS. What did you think of the print quality and the binding? Will the books stand the test of time?
    I don’t imagine that I will make more than a few cents from paperbacks – I only created them to fill a gap in my target readers’ market. So many asked why I didn’t offer a physical book as well as an eBook that I thought ‘why not?’
    Plus, I get to see my own hard work in my bookcase every time I climb the stairs… 🙂

    • The quality is actually very good. The smaller books will definitely last as long as any paperback. I’m not sure about the big one – but then, paperbacks that size rarely last long (I’ve read through about four 1-vol copies of LotR in my life, and that was professional edition 🙂

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