Flying Squid Presents… “The Hunter’s Heart”

The Hunter Cover_250 Our tiny publishing house Flying Squid presents a new author: the mysterious Margaret Lanterman, and her first work, erotic fantasy novella, “The Hunter’s Heart” 🙂

Seram is a hunter.

Like his father before him, he hunts the Lemnu – the horrifying half-demons, half-beasts that terrorize the forests and villages of the Duchy of Stonewall. But that’s not the only thing he likes to chase after…

Following a cartographic expedition to the northern borders he was hired to protect, Seram encounters a young monk with a beautiful face and mysterious past. Soon after, a village hosting them is attacked by a strange Lemnu, of a species nobody has ever seen or heard of: one that looks remarkably human…

This is a departure for us from the usual epic fantasy for young and new adults, so make sure you understand what kind of book this is before buying 🙂

Buy this book:




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