Day 11 of the Blog Tour – Giveaway and Playlist

Simply Infatuated

James Calbraith put together an extensive playlist for this novel, The Shadow of the Black Wings. You can also listen to it on Spotify.


1. Overture: The Empire and the Mechanician (And I Will Kiss, Underworld) 17:15


2. Bran’s Aerobatics Exam (Test Drive, John Powell) 2:36

3. Men of Llambed, The Academy’s Anthem (Men of Harlech)2:54


4. The Bard in the Tavern (Three Welsh Airs, Susan Scott) 4:59

5. They’re playing Farmer’s Fancy! (Ffansi Ffarmwr, Dy Werin) 3:30

6. Dylan ab Ifor’s Theme: The Royal Marine (Soldier’an Sailor Too, Massed Bands of HM Royal Marines) 3:04


7. A Gwynedd Summer (Helfa’r Marchogion, Crasdant) 4:20


8. The Memory of Temasek: Ifor’s Diary (Singapore, Hans Zimmer) 3:41

9. The Ocean’s Call (Theme de David, Vladimir Cosma) 2:25

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