February News

First: “The Shadow of Black Wings” is FREE until February 6th. If you know somebody who still didn’t get a copy, now is the time!

The epic fantasy novella “Dragonbone Chest” is now available on KOBO, as well as AMAZON, and now has not only a new EPIC cover, but also contains a short story set in the same fantasy universe, “The Crown of Abyss”.
In other news, my short story collection “Transmission” (new edition, three more stories) is available on a number of devices:
That’s about it from the publishing front. “The Rising Tide”, volume 4 of The Year of the Dragon, is still being edited, and I hope to have it out in April!
In yet other news, in February I will be working hard on getting the audiobook of “The Shadow of Black Wings” ready. It will be FREE for download from Podiobooks.com!
One of my posts was recently chosen as the best self-publishing advice of January by Jane Friedman!
That’s all the news for February, cheers all 🙂

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