Doing some New Year cleaning – here’s a small interview I did just before Christmas.

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Joining us next from London, England is ABNA semi-finalist, James Calbraith! James originally hails from Poland, though he has spent many years traveling, which is heavily reflected in his debut series, The Year of the Dragon, in which he indie-published the first book, The Shadow of Black Wings, which made the Amazon US & UK Bestseller list for Alternative History and Historical Fantasy. Two more books, a novella and a collection of short stories have also been published. You’ll find links to the Amazon and/or Goodreads pages on the covers below or you can go to his website.

Without further ado, welcome James!


Tell us a bit about The Year of the Dragon series, and who you think would like it.

In the middle of the 19th century, a young dragon rider named Bran travels to Yamato, a mysterious land on the brink of a revolution. That’s…

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