Writers – you don’t need to do any of that. You can prepare a good book for the fraction of the price, and keep all the profits to yourself!

David Gaughran

Simon & Schuster has launched a self-publishing operation, Archway Publishing, contracting one of the most disreputable players in the business to run the show: Author Solutions.

We’ll get to that distasteful link-up in a second, but first let’s have a look at what Simon & Schuster are offering prospective customers (i.e. writers).

Fiction packages start at $1,999 and go up to $14,999. If you have written a business book, prices are saucier again: $2,999 to $24,999.

While the upper end of the pricing spectrum is obviously shocking, some of you might think that $1,999 isn’t too bad if you are getting a proper edit and a decent cover.

Not so fast.

That price tag doesn’t include any real editing, just an assessment which – according to their own website – is “not a replacement” for editorial services but “a preliminary diagnostic tool.”

But what if you need proper editing?…

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  1. There’s a writer I follow on WordPress who got a copy-edit for about $2,000 from Author Solutions (iUniverse to be specific, I think). That’s just the flipping copy edit! She paid money to have them assess the book before she got the copy-edit, twice I think.

    I’m getting a professional cover for $60 because I’m happy with only one concept, and sometimes BSing on Reddit pays off ‘cuz you make friends. Community is so important if you’re a self-published author. You can get recommendations for editors, find beta-readers, and someone to share both the good and bad moments with.

    1. Agreed! Good copy-editing may be very expensive, but why not hire a recommended freelancer – and keep all profits to yourself!

      1. Actually, I know someone who’s pretty cheap. The thing I’ve found with self-pubbing, is you need to find someone who’s better at it than you, and then bug them if you can. I’m lucky, I do have someone to harass and recommend copy-editors. Beta-readers you click with are invaluable as well.

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