Cybermonday: Return to Kobo and KDP Select Summary


I think I’ve squeezed all I could from KDP Select for now.

I ran three different promos over the three months, with three different results (that’s a lot of threes!). Two days in September, two days in October and one day in November. The October one was the most successful by far, as I put the most effort into promoting it online. “The Shadow of Black Wings” reached number 1 in overall Fantasy on pretty much every Amazon store. My October sales were, as a result, more than double of the average.

The November one was a test of how well I can do with just my personal networks, on G+, Twitter and (to the lesser extent) FB. The downloads were about 10% of the October result. Looks like I still have some way to go in building an online presence… (although that said… 🙂

There are now over 10,000 (legal) copies of my book out there, on people’s Kindles – mostly in the US. That’s a big number, and it’s still producing results: my November sales are still better than September, even though not as many people are buying the first volume anymore. “The Shadow…” is proving a good loss lead: volumes 2 and 3 are selling well, which means people like the first book enough to invest a couple more bucks to read on. At any given day, either of the three books is on the best seller list for Alternate History – on a good day, all of them. I’d say that’s a good result for somebody who was a completely unknown writer until August this year.

Sales chart September-November. The big spike is after October’s KDP Select promotion.

But, the three months have passed and I decided not to renew the Select for a while. I’m still in the experimenting phase, and it’s time for another experiment – return to Kobo. (B&N’s PubIt is still not available for UK authors, and somehow I don’t trust Smashwords).

So, to celebrate my return to Kobo, and the new holiday of CYBER MONDAY (which, I guess, celebrates the coming of our robotic overlords?), “The Shadow of Black Wings” is HALF-PRICE FOR AN ENTIRE DAY, both on Amazon and on Kobo.

And while you read, don’t forget to check out all the extras for the books available on the website:

– Gallery
– Soundtrack Playlist
– Glossary of Characters
– Glossary of Terms
– History of the World
– “De Draconibus” Dragon Encyclopaedia

2 thoughts on “Cybermonday: Return to Kobo and KDP Select Summary

  1. My results are tracking so far with yours. The genre of my first book has a smaller audience (action adventure), but I’m starting to get sales on the sequel, and continue to get sales on the first one, so I’m happy. My second book, in a different genre (Christian historical romance), has its second free weekend in December, so we’ll see. I had a lot of free downloads the first time – more than I expected – but it hasn’t gone anywhere since. I’m hoping the Dec promo will go well! Let me know how Kobo does. I put the sequel to my first book on there, since it isn’t tied down with the Select rules, and will put the first one up once my 90-day term expires (Nov 29). But I have zero experience with it.

    1. I didn’t have much luck with Kobo the first time around – my monthly sales there were less than what I daily sold on Amazon. We’ll see if they’ve managed to pick up since then.
      The main problem is very small readership base – and no way to promote yourself other than posting direct links to the book wherever you can. I found only one page dedicated to Kobo books, and it’s paid – compared to dozens of websites for promoting Kindle (and, to a lesser extent, B&N)

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