The Audacity of Hope

There’s been a presidential election somewhere yesterday.

That doesn’t really matter any more. One guy lost, one guy won – again. With the way the national-level politics works over there, neither of them would be able to do much over the next four years except for giving cool speeches, getting photographed with babies and rock singers and signing a few executive orders.

But something else happened yesterday, too. People going to vote for the President were also voting for local, state-level laws. Several important propositions have been passed in several places. Several important things happened. Things that, to many of us, gave back the hope in humanity.

– In Washington, Maryland and Maine, same sex marriage was legalized. In Minnesota, the legality of it was upheld.

– In Washington and Colorado, recreational use of cannabis for adults was legalized. In Massachusetts and Montana, medicinal marijuana use was upheld.

– In California, the Three Strikes law was modified to include only violent or serious offenders. In Maryland, tuition for children of illegal immigrants passed. In Florida, abortion remains publicly funded. In Montana, corporations are NOT human.

– Wisconsin elected the first ever gay senator, Tammy Baldwin

– At least 19 female senators have been elected, making it another record year.

All these things may seem local, regional issues being solved by and for a small group of people. But they have a global reach. Like it or not, the US still has the power to decide where the Western culture and morality goes, if it so wishes. No government will ever admit it officially, but every Western politician looks to Washington to see which way the wind blows. If the US legalizes pot, the others will follow. If the US has a strong stance on gay rights, so will the others.

This is a great day for liberals everywhere.

Oh yeah, and congrats to the guy who won.


PS: The “rape-happy” GOP senators, Mourdock and Akin, are OUT. What do you know, being a mean misogynist bastard doesn’t always pay!


2 thoughts on “The Audacity of Hope

  1. With three Supreme Court justice seats possibly up, it really mattered who won. We can’t afford to forget the role courts play in our country (ex: Citizens United). Not that you haven’t highlighted some great victories.

  2. James,

    Well said and I totally agree. With almost THREE BILLION dollars spent, let’s hope the audacity of the almighty dollar will bring some sweeping changes, positive attitudes and wider views.

    Alex St. Clair

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