Changes on the website

There’s been a few changes around here, as I’m having to fit more and more material on the website, and trying to make it a bit more professional-looking – and I finally had a bit more free time after releasing Volume 3.

The most obvious one is the layout change – I like this one (Grisaille), it’s tres 2012 with all the white-space and sans-serif font and the social network widgets on top.

I’ve added a lot of items to the top-bar menu: Blog categories, newsletter archives (I have a newsletter going out now – make sure to sign up using the link to the right), Press page with reviews and interviews, and Book Formatting menu with my guide posts and formatting services information.

The most new material is added to The Year of the Dragon menu: a lot of additional information regarding the books and the world of the series, including Character Glossary, Gallery of Arts and Maps, History of the World, and a Spotify playlist to listen to while reading Volume 1 🙂

I have a few more ideas to improve the website, but that will have to wait – now it’s time to focus on Volume 4!

PS: A few other updates:

– “The Warrior’s Soul” is available in paperback on Amazon

– If you have any questions on the series, the “Year of the Dragon” Q&A forum is now open on Goodreads


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