The Islands in the Mist – The Year of the Dragon Volume 3 Global Launch

The Islands in the Mist That’s right! The third volume of the Year of the Dragon saga is now available on Amazon and Kobo – see links on the sidebar.

The story continues at a brisk pace. New characters appear, and the old acquaintances are met again… sometimes in surprising circumstances.

Saved by the mysterious samurai, Bran, Nagomi and Sato head towards the Kirishima Shrine, where the dragon is held captive under the careful watch of Satsuma’s Arch Wizard. But they are not the only ones who are keen to get their hands on the prize.

The Black Wings have landed, and the Taikun’s court at Edo is in turmoil. So is Kiyo, after the recent disturbing events. Doshin Koyata receives a strange blood-red signal in his dreams and departs in search of its source.

In Qin, Dylan trains a troop local volunteers to stop the Heavenly Army’s relentless march – assisted by the Qin commander, and an old Admiral who seems to know many curious secrets…

Read on, friend!

The fourth volume, “The Rising Tide” is expected early next year. Also, don’t forget to check out my epic fantasy novella, “Dragonbone Chest“!

2 thoughts on “The Islands in the Mist – The Year of the Dragon Volume 3 Global Launch

  1. I absolutely love this series and find it very hard to put down. My only real issue with this series is that I find myself getting lost in all the Japanese names and titles. I need a character list and a glossary of terms to keep everything straight. If I had that it would make following along much easier. I don’t have the time to do my own research and I suspect most other readers don’t either. Otherwise the stories are well written and captivating. I hope the next book comes out soon!

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