5000 views – viewing stats

Yesterday I broke through 5000 pageviews on this blog. That’s a cause to celebrate 🙂 The blog is active since the middle of June, so it’s taken almost exactly three months to reach the 5000. My other blog, that I moved from (and where all posts older than June come from) is at twice that much, but it’s been going on since July 2010 and Blogger counts pageviews a bit different than WordPress.

Here are some stats from these three months, if anyone’s interested. Warning: it’s a long post, and it’s got a lot of numbers. Feel free to skip it altogether 🙂


My favourite bit of daily stats checking: the game of Risk as played out on the viewers map 🙂 As you can see, I have conquered pretty much all of Europe except a bit of Balkans and Moldova (what is wrong with Serbia and Bosnia, anyway? Don’t they have internet there?) as well as North America down to Guatemala. Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama remain stubborn. I also didn’t manage to attract anyone from several South American countries. I wonder why?

Central Asia is a no-man’s land, with China hidden beyond the Great Firewall (although another plugin noticed one entry from Hunan province last week which didn’t register here) – and Africa is being its old self.

Top 5 countries:

US and UK are self-explanatory, as is Poland. Austria is there only because of one post (more on that below). Canadians sneaked into the fifth place ahead of Finland recently.

Bottom countries:

Several gems here: Nepal, Qatar and UAE are recent additions, as is Belize. In terms of view per person I believe Aland Islands are strongly in the lead, with 1 view from a population of 20k, followed closely by Isle of Man. On the other end would be Bangladesh: only 2 people out of 150 mln. (that is, of course, if we don’t count that one person from Hunan 🙂


Top 10 posts:

Home page / Archives 1,264
The Hollow Crown: Henry V – so strange I saw it twice. 651
Asylum of the Daleks – 5 questions, 1 observation 306
A different Vienna, part 2 – Gasometer: steampunk arcologies 265
About Author 222
KDP Select – a week later. The price of one’s soul. 210
A different Vienna, part 1 – the Flakturms, or “Don’t Mention Ze War!” 206
Poll: what sells the book? 197
Introducing: Isambard Kingdom Brunel 170
The Year of the Dragon 150

The Hiddles Army invaded my blog after I posted the review of Henry V. I don’t think this post will ever be beaten in popularity, unless maybe I write a Hunger Games/50 Shades/Twilight crossover fic 😛 Although the two Vienna posts combined came pretty close. Whovians are another fandom I’ve tapped onto succesfully. The most recent post on KDP Select is still climbing steadily, now in fourth place (discounting system pages)

Top 6 search terms:

hollow crown henry v 27
the hollow crown henry v 26
henry v hollow crown 21
the hollow crown henry v review 17
hollow crown henry v review 14
who killed all the daleks 13

No surprises there. Hiddleston, Hiddleston, Hiddleston, Hiddleston, Hiddleston, Hiddleston, Matt Smith. 🙂

Top referrers:

Search Engines 1,072
Reddit 741
tumblr.com 234
WordPress Dashboard 167
Facebook 141
StumbleUpon 125

“Search engines” means Google. The second most popular search engine, Bing, comes at paltry 32 referrals, compared to 1005 from Google. So much about Bing’s relevance.

I’m glad of how I managed to embrace Reddit as the source of pageviews. I was a bit wary at first, what with all the stories of vengeful, evil redditors destroying lives of poor bloggers, but it worked out quite well (so far). I’m thinking of writing a guide to using reddit at some point.
Twitter comes way after Stumbleupon and Goodreads. I admit I have no clue how to use it, despite my wife’s best efforts to teach me.
Not sure where Google+ fits in this picture. I certainly have some views coming from there, but they just don’t seem to register in the stats. I wonder why?

Top Clicks

amazon.com 128
highwayman8155.webspace.virginmedia.com 38
amazon.co.uk 37
en.wikipedia.org 20
bunkerei.at 12
Google+ 10
kobobooks.com 10
bbc.co.uk 9

Running a blog turned out to be the most successful (and cost-effective) method of advertising: it brought 165 clicks to my Amazon pages (and extra 10 to Kobo). How many of those transformed into sales, I have no idea, but neither do I have this visibility with most of the paid ad solutions. 165 clicks for $0 is definitely the best value for money I could get 🙂

Totals, followers and shares

Content: 105 Posts, 60 Comments

Taxonomies: 18 Categories, 399 Tags

Followers (includes Publicize) : 27 Blog10 Comments

Most views per day: August 16, 273

Most comments per day:  July 17

Comments per month: 14

Most “liked” post: Still Top 8 Ice Creams, by far 🙂 11 likes!

So yeah, that’s all the stats I could think of. I wonder how long before I breach 10k views?

7 thoughts on “5000 views – viewing stats

  1. Very interesting post. I see from this data that I need to get my “About the Author” page in shape. I could look at statistics like this all day (god knows I do it on my own site).

    Also, I think reddit is even more of a goldmine than you think it is. I’ve gotten 12,000 views on a single post, in a single day (it was 75% luck).

    Also, where are the stats for Iceland.

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