New Release – Dragonbone Chest

Hot on the heels of a successful KDP Select campaign (although how successful, I may never know – more on that next week), I bring you a new release: DRAGONBONE CHEST

We do not know where the Forgetting had come from, what causes it and how exactly does it work… all we know is that nobody is safe from its dark touch, nobody knows where and when it will strike. A prince, a pauper, a wizard, a child… it can happen to anybody and there is no way to prevent it.

Duke Ayaris is a dragon slayer. He’s the only one left in the world, and he is hunting after the last of the dragons. He is about to fulfil his life’s destiny.
A dying old man asks him to take care of his beautiful young daughter. But the girl has a secret – one that will cause him to set sail where no man has willingly sailed before: to the Dragon North, in search of the fabled city of Eden.

DRAGONBONE CHEST is an epic fantasy novella of love, destiny and dragons. It’s a standalone work  unrelated to “The Year of the Dragon“. The theme is much darker and more adult than most of the things I’v been writing recently. Ironically, I wrote it when I was much younger.

It was originally written in Polish, and takes place in a setting I started developing years ago – a complex fantasy multiverse, similar to that present in Roger Zelazny’s Amber, and populated with equally twisted characters. The “Chest” is just a small glimpse into this world, where a tiny shrapnel of a great inter-planetary war had caused untold damage. I have a few more pieces and half of a novel written in this setting, and I might revisit it at some point when I’m finished with “The Year…”

“Dragonbone Chest” was my longest completed work before I started writing “The Shadow of Black Wings”, and one that was probably most mature piece from that period. It needed some polishing and rewriting, of course, to be eligible for this release.

Keen readers might notice some tropes I had developed and used in my later work. One thing I have to note: despite some geographical similarities, the novella was written long before I started playing World of Warcraft. I suppose great minds think alike 😉

Please enjoy responsibly!

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