“The Shadow of Black Wings” OST

There is a lot of music in my books, either implied or outright named. I listen to a lot of music when I write, too. If I wasn’t a writer – and had even a smidgen of talent – my next career choice would have been a musician. So it seems natural that there should be an official soundtrack to my books. And here it is, a Spotify playlist to listen to when reading “The Shadow of Black Wings” – just click the logo below:

Unfortunately, making it a Spotify playlist meant I was limited in my choice of music. If I had my way, the soundtrack to “The Shadow…” would have been made mostly of music of Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi and Hajime Mizoguchi. As such, there is less music that I wanted available for the second part of the book. I was even more surprised to see that Spotify doesn’t have two of my favourite soundtracks, Excalibur and Conan the Barbarian (the original one), and very few Kurosawa soundtracks. But needs must, I suppose. I might one day prepare the alternative list if I find a way to post the songs without breaking all sorts of rules.

There are some spoilers here, so the rest is under the cut.

“The Shadow of Black Wings” Official Soundtrack, by Various Artists.

1. Overture: The Empire and the Mechanician (And I Will Kiss, Underworld) 17:15

2. Aerobatics Exam (Test Drive, John Powell) 2:36

3. Men of Llambed (Men of Harlech2:54

4. The Bard in the Tavern (Three Welsh Airs, Susan Scott) 4:59

5. Farmer’s Fancy (Ffansi Ffarmwr, Dy Werin) 3:30

6. Dylan’s Theme (Soldier’an Sailor Too, Massed Bands of HM Royal Marines) 3:04

7. A Gwynedd Summer (Helfa’r Marchogion, Crasdant) 4:20

8. The Memory of Temasek (Singapore, Hans Zimmer) 3:41

9. The Ocean’s Call (Theme de David, Vladimir Cosma) 2:25

10. The Ironclads and Factory Smoke (Industrial Revolution, Jean Michel-Jarre) 4:39

11. Brigstow Harbour (Smith of Bristol, The Dubliners) 2:30

12. Farewell to Langyfelach (Ffarwel i Langyfelach Lon, Meredydd Evans) 2:02

13. The Greatest Ship Ever Built (A Life on the Ocean Wave, The Band of HM Royal Marines) 1:05

14. Tinubu’s Tricks (Nigeria Tribal Rhythms and Percussion, Djembe and Dungu Folk) 3:42

15. Vasconian Outpost (Instrumental I, Ekvat) 1:30

16. Bran’s Birthday Jig (Two Hornpipes – Tortuga, Hans Zimmer) 1:14

17. Fragrant Harbour (Fragrant Harbour, The Band of Royal Hong Kong Police) 2:20

18. Fan Yu, the Great Harbour! (Fishermen on the East China Sea, Zhu Xiaomeng) 5:08

19. The Songs of the Boat People (Fishing Junks at Sunset, Jean-Michel Jarre) 6:02

20. What Are Your Orders, Arian? (Wheel of Fortune, Hans Zimmer) 6:46

21. Another Land (Entrance Music for Traditional Rakugo Entertainer) 0:53

22. Nansei Summer (Asadoya Yunta of Okinawa, Group from Okinawa) 2:07

23. The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea (from Pacific Overtures) 5:51

24. Sato’s Theme (Shinsengumi Main Theme, Kyoto Piano Ensemble) 3:42 – couldn’t find the original 

25. Suwa Shrine (Heron’s Dance, Male Shinto Choir) 1:57

26. Nagomi’s Dance (Shrine Maiden’s Dance, Shinto Instrument Ensemble) 3:15

27. Ei!Ei!Ie – Toh! (Kendo Drumming) 0:21

28. The Bathhouse (The song of Bathing in the Hot Spring, Group from Iwai) 3:29

29. Snow in Kiyo (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Ryuichi Sakamoto) 4:45

30. Shuhan’s Lullaby (Edo Komoriuta, Takashi Yujiro) 1:13

31. Light in the Sky (Blade Runner End Titles, Vangelis) 4:39

32. Night Escapade/Streets of Kiyo (Yojimbo Title, Masaru Satoh) 3:01

33. The Dark Clouds Gather (Seven Samurai Theme, Fumio Hayasaka) 1:24

34. Master Tanaka’s Machines (Gohatto, Ryuichi Sakamoto) 2:02

35. The Best Castella in the City (Bastiana, Coral Dinamene) 1:37

36. The Crimson Robe Theme (Demon God II, Joe Hisaishi) 0:57

37. Take me to Suwa (Battles, Clannad) 1:01

38. Epilogue – the Scent of Wisteria (Kagemusha, Shinichiro Ikebe) 4:04

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