New review

I have another review up on Trickster Eric‘s page. A bit of good, a bit of bad, but it’s very thorough and honest – and hey, it’s another four stars on Amazon, so works for me 🙂

Highlights: “The book’s strongest point is world building. I love world building; I love it when the author takes the time to paint the full picture. It shows attention to detail and a sense that the author put great thought and effort into creating their setting. In “Shadows of Black Wings” every scene and location is painted to perfection.

The fact that Bran does not know the local language is a plot point and receives a chapter worth of attention.

A second strong point is character development. Mr. Calbraith has a knack for quickly developing characters. Just one scene and a name becomes a 3-D flesh and blood person.

PS: According to wordpress, this is my 100th blog post! (including ones imported from the old blogger site, I presume) – yay me 🙂

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