Indian Adventure, pt. 2

I just received an e-mail from KDP, which goes as follows:


We are excited to announce Kindle Direct Publishing in India!

If you have distribution rights in India for books you’ve published through Kindle Direct Publishing, they are now available in the Kindle store for India (sold to customers in India on The list prices for titles sold in India are currently identical to those you’ve chosen for the store.

So titles are available for purchase in India! Excellent! As such, I am now removing my books from, focusing my marketing efforts on Amazon.

The paperback version of “The Shadow of Black Wings” is also available on

Let me take this opportunity to once again welcome any readers from India 🙂


Bharat se Mere Pyare Mitro,

Meri  pustak, “The Shadow of Black Wings”, “Warrior’s Soul” , “Transmission” par Angregi bhasha me uplabdh  hai.

Ye kitab, iske  pahele adhyay me 19th satabdi ke aitihashik utar chadav ki kalpnik katha per adharit hai.

Ho sake to ek najar  ish kitab par daliye aur apka sujav jaroor bataiye.

Sadar Namaskar,
James Calbraith

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