How to be a successful… lottery winner

Everyone can be a lottery winner. Not everyone is. Over the recent months I have been analysing the stories of famous lottery winners to find out what exactly make them so successful. Here is the result of this research: top tips to becoming a successful lottery winner.


Winning lottery is not cheap. Sure, there are those who hit the gold with their first ticket, but most of my interviewees have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years. Do what they did: buy lots and lots of lottery tickets, week after week, and you too may one day achieve glory and fame. Try different outlets. Buy online. See which lottery suits your style best. If you can, hire a professional better. They are expensive, but some are worth the money. Which ones? Well, you’ll have to figure this one out for yourself.

Tom G., who won $5,000,000 in July 1981, has spent roughly $12,000 on lottery tickets  before hitting the jackpot!


You know all those motivational posters about trying and failing and trying again? Well, they are about you. Yes, you will fail many times. There can be months, if not years before you even win the first couple of bucks. But you can’t win without trying.

Mario L., lucky winner of 120,000,000 lira in 1974 Italia Millions, was 97 years old at the time. He was playing since kindergarten. He died a week later.


There are known systems for winning the lottery. Try to google, you will find plenty of them online. Yes, you will have to pay for some of them, but we’ve covered investment already (see p.1) – you need to spend money to win money, everyone knows that. Are any of those lottery winning courses worth your hard-earned cash? Do they give you the knowledge necessary to win? Who knows! But it never hurts to try, right?

Dereck B. has been using the Delta Kappa Phi System since 1997. He has won overall £50,000, investing only £200,000 of his own capital. He still hopes to win that house back.


Choose the right numbers. All the lottery winners, throughout the history of the lottery, have one thing in common: when the time came to mark the numbers on the ticket, they chose the winning ones. Not only that: to have become really successful, they had to chose the numbers nobody else had chosen that day. Only then could they have been sure they will take the entire jackpot. Do what they did and you can be sure of victory!

Emily T., winner of $1,000,000 in 1945 “V-Day Lottery”, chose the numbers 1,2,16,34,35 and 45. What’s your lucky six?

I hope you have found this post useful. Using the above methods I’m sure you too can one day become a successful lottery winner.

What is this post all about, really?

As an indie writer trying to figure out how to break through, I have read far too many posts like this. You know the sort. They always focus on the handful of best-selling authors who have made it really big. They tell the same stories over and over again. They often use inspirational quotes and motivational posters. They have no substance, because they can’t have any substance. Getting a million books sold is exactly like winning a lottery: it’s purely a matter of luck. You can’t do something like that on purpose. You can’t find the right niche or trend or the moment other than by accident – otherwise the corporations would not be spending millions on marketing research. None of the really best-selling authors know exactly how they did it, and if they claim they do, I dare say they’re lying to make even more money – or are much more brilliant than I am prepared to give credit to an average human being.

I would much rather hear the story of somebody selling a couple of thousands of books. That strikes me like something achievable by effort and perseverance, rather than luck. But I guess the headline “how I sold some books” is not as clickable as “how I have become a millionaire – and so can you!”

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