4 thoughts on “First review of “The Warrior’s Soul”…

  1. I can’t say this is a genre of which I’ve read a lot, I’m always wary of both Magic and Steampunk as they are two elements that, if done poorly, can ruin a story, no matter how good (I don’t touch steampunk in my own writing for this very reason). But, by all accounts, this might be the series to give me a new found confidence, do you think it’s essential to start with book 1?

      1. No matter, some of the best stories are told that way, but always good to know because the worst thing you can do, sometimes, is step into an epic story half way through. Yet others, it can be an advantage to start with the “best” book before reading the early stuff. (I find it can help you fall in love the character’s if the author were still trying to find their true voice in the first few books)

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