“shadow of the black wings pdf epub”

EDIT: This data is out of date. For the moment, The Shadow of Black Wings is available ONLY on Amazon. Here’s the good news though: it’s DRM-free, so you can buy it and convert to epub or pdf with software like Calibre, and read it on any non-Kindle device.

(if you’re unable to buy books off Amazon because of where you live, let me know)

Quick note: I see some of you are reaching this blog searching for free copies of The Shadow of Black Wings (unless I’m grossly mistaken as to what search terms: “shadow of the black wings pdf epub” mean ;)) I’m flattered by the attention, so here’s the deal: if you come from a country which has no way to purchase a copy of my book (Philippines? Taiwan?) – let me know, and we can make a deal of some sort. If you have access to Kobo Books (and why not? Kobo apps are available on all smartphones) – the book is FREE for a couple more days, so you can try getting it from there.

So there, that should sort most of you out. If you still are bent on getting a pirated copy instead of the real deal, well, I guess I can’t stop you 🙂 Just make sure to let others know if you liked it.

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