The long and winding road… to publication.

It’s coming. It’s here. After nearly two years of hard work, “The Shadow of Black Wings” is from today available on Amazon Kindle.

The Shadow of Black Wings

It started in August 2010, with a half-joking conversation with a friend who came over to visit us in London. There was just a seed of an idea there, something neither of us thought seriously about. It took me a few days to realise that, “hang on, this actually might work. This is a subject I know a lot about, something that interests me, something that can be really cool if done properly.”

Fast forward to January 2012 – FOURTEEN drafts and rewrites later, the manuscript is submitted to agents, freelance editor and ABNA contest. As it goes through the stages of ABNA – eventually reaching semi-finals, top 50 from among 5000 submissions – I realise I’m not really interested in legacy publishing any more. I’m going full indie.

A cover is ordered in late February. A map is made in March. I receive the cover in June, and it’s perfect. In the same month I have the manuscript converted to ebook format in no time. Everything is ready.

The last day was a nightmare of nerves. Was the right file uploaded? Is the price set fine? Is the cover in the right format? Is the product description correct? Aaa! In the end, of course, almost everything that could go wrong, did – but only for a day. I managed to fix all the problems within 24 hours.

So there it is. On Amazon. In US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. By the time I write it, somebody even managed to buy a copy, even though I hadn’t yet advertised it. Is that a good start? I hope so.

Please have a look. You might like it. I’ve read worse 😉

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