Top 8 Ice Cream

I’m in between releases (Transmission is done. “The Shadow…” is coming soon) and my mind is exhausted by the work and the heat, so here’s, as they say, something completely different: a list of my favourite ice cream.

These are not the best ice cream in the world (although some claim they are) but for one reason or another these are the ones I either remember most fondly or like to eat most often.

8. Amorino (Europe)

Ubiquitous in the cities of Western Europe, this is a refuge of an ice-cream lover who is lost, tired and in dire need of frozen desert. Be it Strassbourg, Grenoble or Soho, Amorino delivers quality and low price to the hungry masses.

7. Waitrose Seriously Creamy (United Kingdom)

The king of supermarket ice cream, I regularly choose these over the likes of Green&Black or Haagendas. The addition of whipped cream into the mix is inspired. Also, they’re not as sweet as other brands, especially the sorbets.

6. La Grotta, London (United Kingdom)

The man with the van… Or rather, the lady with the Piaggio. A shining beacon of Maltby Street, her extremely seasonal offerings are worth their weight in gold.

5. Perche no!, Florence (Italy)

Open until late at night, this unassuming (by Italian standards) gelateria is a place of pilgrimages from all over the city. “Luscious” is the word that best describes their offerings.

4. Gelateria di Piazza, San Gimignano (Italy)

Di Piazza proudly announces their title of world ice cream champions and rightly so. They use the fantastic and famous local white wine to create a sorbet worthy of a Roman God.

3. Seasonal Soft Serve (Japan)

Aaah, sofuto kuriimu! The highlight of every visit to Japan. The Japanese like to make everything into a collectible game (Pokemon was just a tip of the iceberg) and no game is more fun than “try all the local and seasonal flavors of soft serve”. Hydrangea, shiso, sakura, black sesame, local milk, ‘obamatcha’… Even though for the most part they all taste the same – a soft, sweet, cold mass with barely detectable flavoring – the joy of discovery makes up for it tenfold.

2. Kakigori (Japan)

Not really ice cream, but this must be mentioned here: Japanese shaved ice. Just try it, if you can. You’ll be hooked for life. Don’t be fooled by photos and plastic models – this is the one time where what you get is BIGGER than what you expect.

1. Kinana Dekitate (Japan)

This year’s discovery. A tiny parlour off a street in Gion, the chef here makes only three flavors per day using odd, traditional ingredients and the effect I’d unbeatable. Dekitate is the ice cream mass that’s been chilled but not frozen – it’s like eating out the cookie dough from the bowl, but so much better!

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