More Rejections

Only twothree more rejections lately:

27.02 – Conville & Walsh (snail mail)

They say they ‘read it with interest’ and ‘enjoyed it’ but it’s not for them.

27.02 – Toby Eades Associates (nicest letter so far)

Thank you for writing to us about your work and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
Although it promises to make for an enjoyable read, unfortunately we do not feel that it is quite right for our agency, but we wish you every success in finding representation elsewhere.

(There’s a blurb in there somewhere, if I were feeling naughty 😉

22.02 – Laura Dail Literary Agency

Please forgive this impersonal note but the high volume of correspondence makes it difficult for us to respond to you personally. Thank you for your query. Unfortunately it doesn’t match what we are looking for at this time. We hope other agents feel differently.

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