The man who destroyed Britain

No, not Cameron. Not even Blair. It’s this guy:

The boy with the face like an ass

The guy who apparently vowed to ruin what’s left of the British humour.

Zai Bennett. Former ITV2 controller (yeah, those are GREAT credentials!) now BBC3 controller who vowed to start with a ‘clean slate’ – and by this he means axing everything that was even remotely popular.

Two Pints of Lager – alright, I can live with that, although for a certain generation of British public this was their Dad’s Army.
How Not To Live Your Life – the only US-style UK sitcom that worked. Why cancel it? No idea.
Ideal – that was the first major WTF?? Yes, it had a long run, but there was NOTHING like this anywhere on TV! And it was still funny as hell! And it had PSYCHO PAUL. YOU DON’T MESS WITH PSYCHO PAUL.
And now the latest blow: Mongrels canned after only two successful series. The last funny thing on the channel other than endless repeats of Family Guy. Why? Because. Or rather, ‘to make place for new shows’, like oooh soo brilliant Jake Whitehall’s new sitcom. I bet that’ll be a riot.
As Johnny Vegas said: “I’m being fired by the guy who commissioned Kerry Katona.”

So yeah.  That worked out great for everyone..


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